Golden State Warriors: 5 blockbuster trades for Pelicans’ Anthony Davis

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Trade No. 5

There hasn’t been a more disappointing franchise this year than the Washington Wizards. They’ve been involved in so much drama that they could have their own E Network television show.

The cog in their machine is obviously the highly paid John Wall. Wall, who is undeniably a great talent, will be making over $46 million at the age of 32-years-old in the last year of his contract. And even if he’s a superstar by that time, that’s a lot of dough.

However, New Orleans gets to pair Wall with one of his best friends in DeMarcus Cousins and the ferocious Draymond Green. Which screams the Pelicans should become a ‘Bad Boys-esque’ team, the marketing department would hopefully be on that immediately.

As for Washington’s return, they get a new point guard in 24-year-old Elfrid Payton (who’s not bad), and the talents of Klay Thompson to pair next to Bradley Beal. Making for one of the better shooting lineups the Wizards have seen in recent years.

And the Warriors, yet again, end up with Davis and Mirotic.

In all of these deals, the obvious trio of Green, Thompson, and Cousins have been included. I can’t see a deal where any of those players stay on the Warriors for getting the talented Davis in return.

Ultimately, the Warriors are going to have to decide if signing Thompson and Green long-term this summer makes the most sense to try and keep Durant. Not to mention, are they going to let Cousins walk free for nothing this offseason because they can’t afford to pay him?

As for the Pelicans, Davis will leave that organization quicker than the speed of light, so why not make a blockbuster deal to get something out of him while you can.

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Don’t wait, because LeBron will just steal him for nothing by 2020 if you let him.