Golden State Warriors: 5 blockbuster trades for Pelicans’ Anthony Davis

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Trade No. 3

While a healthy DeMarcus Cousins is most likely not the former All-Star version of himself, trading all 3 of these All-Stars would definitely make any GM antsy in return for any player in the league – even Anthony Davis.

Probable Pelicans starting lineup:

  • PG – Jrue Holiday
  • SG – E’Twaun Moore
  • SF – Klay Thompson
  • PF – Draymond Green
  • C – DeMarcus Cousins

This All-Star filled starting lineup would allow Julius Randle to lead the team off the bench and be a solid facilitator in that position.

That lineup, on paper, would be a defensive nightmare for teams on switches.

Head coach Alvin Gentry would have the ability to be innovative with this roster and hopefully lead New Orleans to the playoffs, maybe securing some contract extensions in the near future for Green, Thompson, and Cousins.

For the Warriors, trading 3 All-Stars for Anthony Davis is a hefty move, but aside from Davis’s talents, getting Nikola Mirotic as a solid shooter paired with Durant and Curry would be a beautiful sight — everything Draymond wasn’t.

The final two trade ideas make all deals more realistic in the sense that any deal for Davis could potentially include three teams that can help all franchises become more well-rounded.