Golden State Warriors: 5 blockbuster trades for Pelicans’ Anthony Davis

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Trade No. 2

This move would be predicated on the fact that the Pelicans would be more infatuated with Draymond Green than Klay Thompson. Not to say that Thompson isn’t a freak of nature on the court, but just that the Pelicans could be moving to a different style of basketball with Green.

While many believe Green to be overrated, there are many analysts that believe he is a better asset than Thompson – due to his all-around performance as a point forward.

The Pelicans already possess a poor man’s version of Green with Julius Randle. And seeing how much that’s worked out for New Orleans, having both point forwards run havoc on opponents may be the future of the NBA with small ball lineups.

Jordan Bell also enters this deal paired with big man DeMarcus Cousins, who notably plays great basketball no matter what players surround him.

As for Bell, he would hopefully give the bench a more diverse look and take away any traditional centers from this roster, giving New Orleans the flexibility to toy with several differentiated lineups.

Albeit, I can’t realistically see the Pelicans make this deal. Mostly because of how much more attractive a shooter is than a passer in today’s league, which is why our next trade idea has the greatest possibility of being accepted.