NBA Christmas: A gift for each team’s wish list in 2018

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Golden State Warriors: The return of Boogie

Whether it comes in January or February, before or after the All-Star break, DeMarcus Cousins‘ return has to go smoothly — both for the Golden State Warriors‘ and DeMarcus Cousins’ sake. Obviously January would give Boogie and the Dubs more time to mesh before the playoffs, but whenever he winds up making his debut, finding the right balance on the court will be paramount.

The Warriors have mostly coasted through this season as they often do, sporting a less than dominant record and point differential because of injury problems. Once everyone is back to 100 percent, the time for excuses will be over. Not long after the initial transition period, every loss with Cousins on the floor will be heavily dissected and scrutinized.

If this works out, it’ll be one of the greatest single-season pickups in NBA history. A team with Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green is already unfair, so if Cousins can get healthy and bring some rebounding, passing, interior scoring and floor-spacing to the mix without derailing a championship aspirations, the Warriors will have it made in the shade.