5 potential trade ideas for the New Orleans Pelicans

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New York Knicks
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4. New York Knicks

The New York Knicks are in full tank mode and have their sights set on making a splash in the free agent market next summer. The ability to make a trade adding roster depth without giving up any talent or heavy pick compensation would be great for New Orleans’ front office, and this could be the deal to check those boxes.

The Knicks would be more than happy to unload Courtney Lee’s $12.8 million salary for next season that would cut into their offseason cap flexibility, while the Pelicans could add a wing that has the ability to hit 3s and is at least an average defender.

A combination of Wesley Johnson and Frank Jackson could make it work financially, and with both players on expiring deals, New York might sign off on the deal for that reason alone.