Cleveland Cavaliers: Top 3 tank wins in 2018-19 season

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2. Chicago Bulls (Nov. 10)

Usually tank wins come against good teams. Cleveland’s 99-98 loss to the Chicago Bulls on Nov. 10, however, qualifies for multiple reasons.

First, the defeat came against another lottery team, a franchise grubbing for more ping pong balls like Cleveland. The Bulls are currently 6-22. Cleveland is 7-21. This loss could give Cleveland better odds at a higher pick compared to their divisional counterparts come summer.

Maybe this loss helps the Cavs land Zion?

It’s not something teams consider in early November. Still, these performances add up, and when the 82-game season expires, honest general managers will admit they’re happier their team has a better shot at the No. 1 pick rather than winning one more game.

Second, the Bulls game ignited stellar stretches for multiple players. It was Sexton’s first 20-point performance. The rookie has eclipsed that mark seven times since. Just for fun, Rookie of the Year favorite Luka Doncic has also done so seven times since Nov. 10.

Thompson put up big numbers in the loss with 22 points and 12 rebounds. He’s continued to play well in subsequent weeks. Rodney Hood scored 20 points in a rare positive performance for him.

The tightly contested loss proved beneficial on multiple levels, making it a true tank win.