Detroit Pistons: 3 players the team should consider trading for

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3. Wayne Ellington

Due to Wayne Ellington signing a little later in the free agency period, the Pistons couldn’t execute this deal now, but it is one that they could strongly consider soon. Ellington has been a journeyman for much of his career before he settled in with the Miami Heat a few seasons ago. He’s shooting 38.1 percent from 3-point range on 7.4 attempts per game. Having a volume guy like that, with that consistency, would immediately upgrade the Pistons’ offense.

Ellington shoots nearly all of his shots from distance, which opens the floor for players like Griffin, Andre Drummond and Reggie Jackson, who all do most of their damage from the restricted area. This team has been needing to add 3-point shooting for a long time. After not addressing it during the offseason, it’s showing right now.

On just a one-year deal, Ellington won’t command a ton of value in return, although the Heat won’t just give him away. Detroit shouldn’t give up long-term pieces like Kennard or Bruce Brown Jr., but should be willing to make a deal. If the Pistons aren’t able to come to an agreement with them, they could always peruse the buyout market. Still, Ellington might be better and more affordable than anyone available there.