Dallas Mavericks: What should they do with Harrison Barnes?

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Dallas Mavericks
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The Dallas Mavericks still don’t quite know what they have with Harrison Barnes. While there are several options with how to handle him, which is the best for their future?

Harrison Barnes fits the 2018-19 Dallas Mavericks‘ identity to a T: an enigma.

While Barnes has shown promise ever since his high school days in Iowa, he has yet to make the leap to fulfill his potential that has been highly touted for years now. At 26, Barnes is in his prime years and still has time to prove all of the doubters wrong, yet he still hasn’t quite done enough reached that point.

Barnes is the most frustrating player a team can have. On one hand, he could be the kind of player the Mavericks would regret giving up on, haunting them as he comes into his own with another team. On the other, he could be someone they hang onto for too long, hoping the day comes that he finally takes the next step, while the team returns to the lottery.

Here are three options and the consequences of what the Mavericks can do with Harrison Barnes.