Denver Nuggets: 3 goals for Nikola Jokic in 2018-19

Photo by Kyle Ross/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images
Photo by Kyle Ross/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images /
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(Photo by Garrett Ellwood/NBAE via Getty Images) /

After a pair of seasons that put Denver Nuggets center Nikola Jokic on the national radar, the Serbian superstar has three attainable milestones for the 2018-19 NBA season.

Drafted by the Denver Nuggets in the second round of the 2014 NBA Draft, Nikola Jokic has ascended the ranks of the league, putting his name in the same conversation as the game’s elite big men like Karl-Anthony Towns and Anthony Davis.

After increasing both his scoring and assist output to 18.5 points and 6.1 assists per game last season, Jokic can take another step forward in his career.

With a leap in his fourth season, Jokic can not only further alter his own career arc, but also the arc of the Nuggets from the outside-looking-in position for the Western Conference playoffs, to a perennial contender among the conference’s best teams.

Seeing his potential, the Nuggets awarded the restricted free agent with a five-year, $147.7 million max deal, despite Jokic being under team control by way of a team option.

With the center now under team control till 2023, Jokic can now focus on proving the Nuggets right in their faith, transforming both himself and the team. Here are three goals for the upcoming 2018-19 NBA season.