Boston Celtics: 5 big goals for 2018-19 NBA season

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5. Stay healthy

There’s an argument that the No.1 goal for the Celtics this season is to stay healthy. While some injuries can be self-inflicted, often times we see a lot that are unavoidable, or freak accidents for that matter.

Last season, the Celtics had too many injuries and they were all just a fortune of bad luck. The only one that doesn’t fall under that category was Marcus Smart. The guard had a few injuries throughout the season, but when he swiped a picture frame in the team’s hotel, that was on him.

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But an injury like Hayward’s in the beginning of the season was just an unfortunate turn of events that could’ve happened to anyone. While the Celtics’ No.1 goal could be to stay healthy, it’s also hard to practice.

All anyone can do is hope for a healthy season. Imagine how much better this team could have been if it had been 100 percent? Last season, the Celtics didn’t have one player record 82 games during the regular season.

Though they did have players such as Aron Baynes, Terry Rozier and Tatum that were able to play in 80-81 games, the next closest person was Semi Ojeleye with 73 games. Ojeleye is a solid player, but certainly not someone they rely on.

It felt as if the Celtics had a lot of different players come off their bench to substitute for all the injuries. If they can find a way to stay healthy, it would make a drastic difference.