Boston Celtics: 5 big goals for 2018-19 NBA season

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The Boston Celtics look to be on the verge of a successful 2018-19 NBA season. Here are five goals the team should be aiming for.

The Boston Celtics look to be the team to beat in the Eastern Conference, assuming they can stay healthy and their young players are able to take the next step. It also depends on whether teams like the Philadelphia 76ers and the Toronto Raptors do the same.

Last season, the Celtics were first in the Eastern Conference for the majority of the season — until the injuries continued to pile up and the Raptors made a late season push. Whatever the story may be this season, the Celtics have a real shot at controlling the East.

The scary thing is they have a lot of assets still and could potentially get a whole lot better. What the Celtics have now is already a great team and the potential to be even better. That means Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown have to take the next steps as the cornerstones of the franchise.

Getting Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward back will also be a major plus. Again, this team is built to decide its own fate. The Celtics’ defense is already the best in the league and could get even better this year.

While there are a lot of plusses to this team, there are of course things that they will need to figure out. Here’s a look at five goals for the upcoming season that will allow Boston to compete for the NBA title.