3 reasons DeMarcus Cousins on the Warriors is bad for the NBA

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2. Golden State Warriors: 2019 NBA Champions

After the summer of 2018 allowed for teams to regroup and retool following Kevin Durant single-handedly shifting the balance of power, there looked to be a handful of franchises capable of taking down what seemed like an unbeatable team the season prior.

Now, with Golden State addressing its one positional weakness in the form of a four-time All-Star and arguably the best center in the game when healthy, it seems difficult to predict how any team currently constructed can defeat the Warriors in a seven-game series.

Yes, Boogie is coming off the worst injury in sports, and there’s no telling when he’ll be back on the court, but this isn’t a team asking Cousins to rush back in order to help elevate them to new heights.

Already the favorites to win the 2019 title, anything DeMarcus can contribute in limited minutes will be a plus, especially given the fact he can help with the Dubs’ deficiency on the glass.

So where does this leave the other 29 teams in the NBA?

If Golden State seemed unbeatable before, the word doesn’t exist to describe them now, and with that, the 2018-19 season seems all but wrapped up despite free agency not even being a week old.