3 reasons DeMarcus Cousins on the Warriors is bad for the NBA

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3. This only enforces the talk about a hard cap

The NBA has been operating under a soft cap for quite some time now.

For those that don’t know, a team can go over the soft cap with the salaries it dolls out; it simply has to pay extra in order to do so, which is what the luxury tax is for.

A hard cap forces front offices to choose who they want to pay on their roster, as teams are unable to pass that threshold, whatever the number comes out to be. This means that franchises can only have so many max-level players on their roster, spreading out the talent among 30 teams and creating even the slightest increase in parity.

With Cousins now joining the Warriors, the idea of a hard cap has to be discussed in depth amongst those with power in the NBA offices.

Adam Silver will no doubt spend a lot of time this upcoming season fielding questions about the possibility of implementing such a tactic, which probably isn’t what he’s so interested in doing right now.

No sports league is perfect, but that doesn’t mean commissioners love hearing about what’s wrong with theirs. Memo to commissioner Silver: Get ready to hear plenty about yours.