Boston Celtics: 5 reasons Robert Williams was a good pick

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(Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
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The Boston Celtics had just one pick in the 2018 NBA Draft and at No. 27, they chose forward Robert Williams. Here’s five reasons he was a good pick.

The Boston Celtics usually have an abundance of draft picks, but in the 2018 NBA Draft, they only had one. In arguably one of the most impressive draft classes we’ve seen, it did hurt a little bit that they were only picking once on June 21.

However, the Celtics did have one of the most successful drafts out of any teams, despite only selecting one player, Robert Williams with the 27th overall pick. Williams is a center out of Texas A&M, playing two seasons for the Aggies.

Williams took a major fall in the draft, as many anticipated him to be a lottery pick. His lack of medical information and lack of motor caused him to drop. However, if the Celtics can find a way to get him back on the right path, they came away with one of the best players in the draft.

Last season, he averaged 10.4 points, 9.2 rebounds, 1.4 assists, 2.6 blocks and 0.8 steals per game. He isn’t a good shooter, but he’s very successful at getting the ball in the hoop, cashing in on 63.2 percent from the field.

While he may come with some problems, Williams was well worth the risk at No. 27. He’s a low-risk, high-reward type player for a team that just made the conference finals, and if he reaches his potential, then the Celtics will once again have won on draft night. Without further or do, here’s a look at five reasons as to why Williams was such a good pick for Boston.