Los Angeles Lakers: 5 options for pick No. 47 in 2018 NBA Draft

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Los Angeles Lakers

Photo by Chris Covatta/Getty Images

While the first round in the 2018 NBA Draft gets all the spotlight, the Los Angeles Lakers will have a chance to find a hidden treasure in the second round. Here are five possible options that could be available at No. 47.

The Los Angeles Lakers will have two chances in the upcoming 2018 NBA Draft to add much-needed depth to a depleted roster. While the No. 25 pick might be a bit more predictable, the second round of the NBA Draft is harder to measure.

There are a handful of seniors who might be available when the Lakers are picking in the second round. There are also a few talented but raw big men who could be around when the Lakers are on the clock at No. 47.

As of now, the Lakers only have eight players under contract and some could still be on the way out. They must hit not only on their first round pick, but their second round selection as well.

There have been a handful of players who had successful careers after being drafted 47th, none more so than Paul Millsap (2006). Raul Neto (2013), Mo Williams (2003), Alvin Williams (1997) and Tyus Edney (1995) are a few other players who have succeeded in the NBA from that spot.

Here are five options that could be available for the Los Angeles Lakers with the No. 47 pick in the 2018 NBA Draft.

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