Philadelphia 76ers: Best and worst games in the clutch for 2017-18

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(Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)

As they embark upon their first postseason appearance since 2012, here’s a review of the best and worst clutch moments for the Philadelphia 76ers in 2017-18.

In recent weeks, performing in the clutch has not been an issue for the Philadelphia 76ers. As winners of 12 straight games with an average winning margin of 14.0 points per game, the Sixers have simply been steamrolling their opposition as they gear up for their first postseason appearance since 2012.

However, come playoff time, such dominance is highly unlikely to repeat itself. As such, the Sixers are going to need to gear themselves up for “crunch time.” In the broadest definition of “clutch” situations, which come with less than five minutes remaining in the game and five points or less being the difference on the scoreboard, the Sixers have competed in 43 games, which ranks seventh overall in the league. Their .558 win percentage during these games ranks ninth.

Although their record during crunch time over the course of the season has been quite solid, their recent success has limited their exposure to such situations. Since the beginning of February, the Sixers have posted a 24-6 record, the third-best record in the league during this time. However, the Sixers have competed in just 12 clutch situations during this span, which is tied for 22nd over this time.

From an individual standpoint, each member of the Sixers’ regular starting five have performed tremendously under the broadest definition of clutch time, ranging from Robert Covington posting a +14.6 net rating, all the way up to Joel Embiid’s +27.5 net rating.

Coincidentally, the Sixers’ last defeat — a 101-98 loss to the Indiana Pacers on March 13 –also happened to come down to crunch-time. During the final five minutes of that contest, Embiid took seven of the Sixers’ final 11 shots of the game, notching eight points along with two rebounds and two blocks.

With just five games left until their playoff campaign begins, here’s a look back at the Sixers’ best and worst performances in the clutch thus far this season.

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