NBA: Ranking all 30 starting power forwards for 2017-18

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With the new NBA season almost here, it’s time to rank the league’s 30 starting power forwards for the upcoming 2017-18 campaign.

As the NBA’s embraces small-ball era, 3-point shots reign supreme and and traditional positions are drastically changing. Perhaps no spot on the floor has changed more so than the power forward spot, with small forwards of old now manning the position as 4s are now expected to spread the floor, defend on the perimeter and even protect the rim.

Because of this, the power forward spot is often played by 3s, 4s and even new-age 5s whose skill-sets allow them to fluctuate between positions where versatility, long range shooting and speed are valued.

However, for the sake of classification within a starting lineup, every team enters the season with a “starting power forward.” The question is, how does each team’s starting 4 stack up to the rest of the NBA? In an attempt to answer that question, it’s time to rank all 30 starting power forwards for the 2017-18 NBA season.

Starting lineups can often change, like when teams start to tan — or, “strategically rest” their players. For these rankings, however, we’re going to make the executive decision based on which players will likely spend most of the season — or at least start the season — in the starting five.

One clarification: These rankings are based on projections for the upcoming season, not past accomplishments or their current standing entering 2017-18. They’re not projections for fantasy basketball either, or based on any one specific stat.

Instead, these rankings factor in a number of variables, including expected statistical output, potential team success, opportunity, health, contract, experience, two-way impact, likelihood of keeping their starting job and to a minimal degree, potential playoff success.

With all of this in mind, here are our rankings for the NBA’s top 30 starting power forwards in 2017-18.