Boston Celtics: 5 wildly ambitious free agency targets in next 3 years

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Boston Celtics

Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

In the next three years, the Boston Celtics could find themselves in position to take aim at any of these five superstars during NBA free agency.

There’s a lot that could change for the Boston Celtics in the next few years. They might not have the money to sign another max-contract player right now, but that could be a different story in the near future.

Next offseason, Isaiah Thomas could hypothetically take his talents elsewhere. He’s seeking a max contract, and Boston may not be willing to pony up. While that only opens up so much cap space, the Celtics could make other roster moves to open up some breathing room under the cap.

Then there’s Al Horford, who could potentially take $30 million off the books by opting out in 2019. If that were the case, Boston would obviously have more than enough financial flexibility to bring another superstar aboard. So again, the Celtics could be in a very different situation as soon as two offseasons from now.

Oh yeah, and Gordon Hayward can technically opt out in 2020. So in each of the next three seasons, significant cap space could be opening for the Celtics. That’s why we’re taking a look at this team’s options in the coming years.

So here they are — five wildly ambitious free agent targets for the Celtics between now and 2020. They may not all seem like realistic options for Boston for one reason or another, but anything can happen in the NBA as we see evidence of every year.

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