Dallas Mavericks: Mark Cuban Open To Taking On Contracts For Draft Compensation

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The Dallas Mavericks are once again in trade talks. This time around, it’s more about acquiring assets instead of a star player.

It is NBA trade deadline season, and people who follow the Dallas Mavericks in the Mark Cuban era should know he likes to make a splash or two via trade.

According to ESPN’s Marc Stein, Cuban is willing to take on contracts for draft compensation. This is new territory for Mavericks fans, but it’s a healthy sign for the future. Cuban realizes where his team is at in this point in time.

These are the few teams that come to mind that the Dallas Mavericks can help by taking off a burden of a contract in exchange for a draft pick or two in return.

Utah Jazz

The Jazz rumor came up in reports per Marc Stein and Tim MacMahon Tuesday night. The Jazz are looking to make noise in the playoffs and it’s clear their rebuilding stage is over. It has been well documented that besides George Hill, they need help at the point guard position. Deron Williams left on not-so-great terms, but if the Jazz really want to add needed depth they will let bygones be bygones.

There are a couple of trades that can make this work.

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The first trade would sacrifice depth at one position for the other: Deron Williams for Boris Diaw, the Golden State Warriors’ 2017 first round pick and a 2017 second-round pick. The second round pick would come from either the Detroit Pistons or the Warriors.

Yes, this trade would take away the second string center of the Jazz, but Rudy Gobert is a young stud and can take the extra minutes. On the flip side, the Jazz desperately need a scorer off the bench, especially at the point guard position.

The other move that comes to mind could put Wesley Matthews exclusively at small forward, unless they trade him as well.

The deal would be Deron Williams for Alec Burks and the Warriors’ 2017 first round pick — a realistic trade, although the least appealing for the Dallas Mavericks. They already have tons of guards and Burks is still under contract for three more seasons. Just a possibility, not necessarily the best-case scenario.

Phoenix Suns 

This trade proposal would be like the couple who can’t stop getting together even after multiple breakups. Fortunately, they weren’t ugly breakups, which leaves room for another go at it.

Earlier this year, 16 Wins A Ring writer Spencer Davies interviewed Tyson Chandler and Suns head coach Earl Watson .  Watson didn’t hold back when talking about the possibility of Chandler being traded:

"“Tyson’s not going anywhere”"

With that being said, Watson doesn’t have the final say in the matter; owner Robert Sarver and general manager Ryan McDonough do.

Chandler is one of the most respected players in the league and has produced this season. He is averaging the highest field goal percentage since his first season with the New York  Knicks. However, he is 34 and his contract still has two years left after this one. The Suns haven’t made a huge big splash in free agency since acquiring Steve Nash, but Chandler’s contract won’t help them acquire even B-list free agents.

The Mavericks could offer Andrew Bogut‘s expiring contract for Tyson Chandler and Miami Heat’s 2018 first round pick.

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I’m sure Tyson Chandler wouldn’t mind ending his career on the team that he won his lone championship with, reuniting once again with Dirk Nowitzki.