5 Reasons For Los Angeles Lakers Fans To Be Optimistic In 2016-17

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Coming off a miserable 2015-16 campaign, the Los Angeles Lakers have nowhere to go but up–which is why fans everywhere should be excited about this season’s outlook.

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To say that the Los Angeles Lakers’ 2015-16 season was a disaster is a huge understatement. It was an absolute train wreck, especially when you consider the overwhelming amount of success the franchise has enjoyed over the years.

So why should fans be any bit excited about the upcoming 2016-17 campaign? Did the Lakers really improve that much this offseason to where a positive outlook is plausible?

Logic would say “no,” but that doesn’t mean this Los Angeles squad can’t surprise. There’s more than enough upside on the roster to make some noise this season.

One might even go as far as saying the Lakers have an outside chance of sneaking into the playoffs if a few things go their way during the regular season.

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At this point, it’s all speculation. We can only comment on what we know, and that’s not a whole lot as we creep up on September. Still, it’s worth noting that there’s room for optimism under those bright Hollywood lights.

So here they are–my five reasons for Lakers fans to not give up on the 2016-17 season before it even begins.

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