2016 NBA Draft Sleeper: Patrick McCaw

The 2016 NBA Draft is full of intriguing second-round prospects and one of those is UNLV’s Patrick McCaw.

The 2016 NBA Draft is June 23 and this draft has received a reputation for not being a particularly strong draft, but a deep one.

Each team in the NBA is looking for the next Draymond Green, Paul Millsap or Khris Middleton, who were all second-round draft picks, and in this year’s draft, Patrick McCaw could be a big second-round steal.

McCaw is very raw, but he has the tools to become a great NBA player in the future. He is 6-foot-7 and he is an athletic shooting guard/wing. He has a 6-foot-10 wingspan and he has great hands to disrupt passing lanes.

In his last season at UNLV, he averaged 14.7 points, 5.1 rebounds and 2.5 steals per game. He also shot 46.5 percent from the field and 36.6 percent from three last season. McCaw was on a not on a very good team in college, which might be why he is not getting a lot of first-round love.

He is projected to be taken at some point in the second round and that could be a steal for whichever team takes him.

McCaw could be what almost every NBA team wants, and that is a prototypical 3-and-D player. He is pretty good on the defensive end and he can shoot the ball from deep, which is why he is such an intriguing option in the second round.

McCaw Breakdown

The thing that is great about McCaw is that is he very raw and he has a lot of potential. McCaw is going to need a little time to get adapted to the next level because he needs to put on a little more weight if he wants to be a great 3-and-D player in the future.

He is a great rim attacker and finisher, but he needs to become a more consistent deep shooter. McCaw is the type of player that you take a risk on in the second round because of his potential and his offensive/defensive ability.

He can do just about everything on a basketball court, but he must learn how to control himself a little more on the offensive end and not force up many shots. In his defense, UNLV needed him to score a lot, which is probably why he forced up a lot of bad shots.

His defense is what could make him special because of his ability to disrupt passing lanes and he can lockdown on the perimeter.


McCaw has first-round talent and the reason he is not getting a lot of first-round attention is because of the team he played on in college. He played on a underachieving mid-major team, but he showed potential and promise during his time at UNLV.

McCaw is a prototypical wing/shooting guard for the NBA, and he might not be able to help a team out next year, but in the future he should become a great 3-and-D player.

McCaw is just another example of a player that is overlooked because of the team he played on in college, but do not let his underachieving college team misrepresent his talent and potential.