Boston Celtics: Is Jae Crowder Untouchable?

The Boston Celtics should be poised to make a move for a star this offseason, but should the team include Jae Crowder in any trade package?

The Boston Celtics have a plethora of assets and draft picks, which should help them try to make a move this offseason for a special player.

If the Celtics are going to make a move for a star under contract like a Jimmy Butler or a DeMarcus Cousins, the team will have to include some of their top players and assets.

In the past, it seemed like almost every player on the Celtics could be traded, but after a successful season, there might be one or two players that are untouchable.

Isaiah Thomas had a magnificent year in his first full year on the team. He was selected as an All-Star and he was the Celtics’ best scorer by far this season, which is why he will not be in trade discussions. Other than Thomas, just about everyone else is on the table, except for Jae Crowder.

This is where things get interesting because Crowder might actually be their best trade asset, but he is also the Celtics’ most valuable player.

Crowder had a career year for the Celtics last season by averaging 14.2 points per game (7.8 PPG for his career) and he shot 44.3 percent from the field (43.4 percent for his career).

Crowder has been known for defense, but now he has turned himself into a solid two-way player that gives it his all every time he is on the floor.

The big thing with Crowder is his leadership and intangibles. He was the heart and soul of the Celtics, who won 48 games this season.

He is always diving on the floor for loose balls and he seems to make the big shot or play to swing a game, which is why the Celtics should hold on to Crowder no matter what.

Trade Outlook

The Celtics have been linked with players like DeMarcus Cousins and Jimmy Butler in the past, and yes, these are just trade rumors, but Boston might have what it takes to get a deal done for these players even without Crowder.

The Cousins trade is going to be harder to pull off without basically giving up every asset the Celtics have, but the Butler trade could happen even without Crowder in it.

The Celtics would have to give up possible two of the Brooklyn Nets‘ first-round picks (including the 2016 one) and players like Avery Bradley, Marcus Smart and others could be on the move.

Crowder and Thomas should be the only untouchable players on this team and even though Butler and Crowder have similar games, Boston should do everything they can to keep both players on their team if they make this trade.


Jae Crowder is the type of player the Celtics want to keep around for a long time because of his effectiveness on both ends of the floor and because of his leadership and passion. Crowder is loved in Boston and he has found himself while playing for this team.

Boston needs to do everything it can to hold on to Crowder.