Marvel And NBA Stars Collide

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Feb 13, 2016; NBA star Kevin Durant as Marvel superhero Mr. Fantastic. Mandatory Credit: Jamal Williams-HoopsHabit /

Kevin Durant/Mr.Fantastic

One the NBA’s most prolific scorers who can handle the ball like a guard and has a wingspan that surpasses his peers. Kevin Durant is the modern-day George Gervin of this generation.

But with length and ambidextrous abilities, he’s more like Mr. Fantastic. There’s always been a knock on Durant that maybe he needs to put on more weight to be able to sustain the punishment he gets when he goes to the hole. Needless to say it hasn’t stopped his dominance in the game at any point.

Not much of a power guy, Durant can blow past opponents and contort his body to score as if he was stretching his anatomy. His reach his also something inhuman like with being able to reach back for dunks. And he also has the ability to pull up for 30 feet beyond the three-point line.

It’s a bit ironic that one of Mr. Fantastic’s abilities was a resistance to electricity and Durant is a Oklahoma City Thunder player, but I’m sure every now and then he will be liable to bring down the thunder on his opponents.

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