Marvel And NBA Stars Collide

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Feb 13, 2016; NBA star Russell Westbrook as Marvel superhero Spider-Man. Mandatory Credit: Jamal Williams-HoopsHabit /

Russell Westbrook/Spider-Man

Your friendly neighborhood, Russell Westbrook. If there is anyone that embodies the attributes of the daring web-slinger, it’s him. Westbrook is like an Energizer Bunny that keeps going on both ends of the basketball court. His unique strength, speed and agility are every bit as comparable to Spider-Man.

As much as he is a great player and person for the league, Westbrook definitely has a little venom in him. He approaches the rim with a nastiness and ferociousness that feels like he is playing with the black suit instead of the original suit Spidey wears.

Unfortunately, sometimes that rage he uses can work to the detriment of himself and his team. There have been times Westbrook has been too selfish and instead of creating a great shot for his teammate he takes a bad shot for himself, thus causing defeat. These are similar to the struggles Peter Parker went through while having the black suit.

However, there have been better moments during this season when Westbrook has shown maturity and used his abilities to get his teammates more involved. He is currently second in the league in assists behind Rajon Rondo. So in a way, Westbrook is able to use both suits while playing a game, the black suit or rage and ruthlessness and the regular suit to help his teammates and know what is best for the team.

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