Marvel And NBA Stars Collide

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Feb 13, 2016; NBA star LeBron James as Marvel superhero Iron Man. Mandatory Credit: Jamal Williams-HoopsHabit /

LeBron James/Iron Man

He is arguably the league’s most polarizing figure and is one of the most (if not the best) dominant threats at the wing position. His game screams Hall of Fame worthy and he has backed it up with two championships and four MVP Awards. LeBron James is the standard that the NBA wishes they had more of.

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He is also polarizing for his off-court activities. There has always been an ambivalent opinion of him, never one-sided. James is still criticized for his narcissistic agenda over “The Decision” that got him to the Miami Heat. He is also been labeled selfish in some people’s eyes for the termination of former head coach David Blatt.

On a positive note, James is someone is known for making savvy business moves. Aligning himself with power figures such as Jay-Z and Warren Buffet have increased his stock over the years. Oh, and did I mention he signed a lifetime endorsement deal with Nike? He’s a business man!

All of James’ attributes make up Tony Stark. He is a self-proclaimed billionaire, genius, playboy-philanthropist. He is his own biggest fan, but will also do his best for the good of others. He is second in command on the Avengers team, but is responsible for “building everything, designing everything and making everyone look cooler,” similar to James’ role on the Cleveland Cavaliers.

They both are also considered savants in their field, but probably too smart for their own good. They both get a kick of of distributing ultimately for others in the long run. Without these two on their respective teams they would surely fall apart.

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