NBA Trade Rumors: 5 Teams That Could Use Pau Gasol

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Memphis Grizzlies

Newer (cough bandwagon cough) NBA fans might not even know this, but Pau Gasol started his career with the Memphis Grizzlies. Even casual fans probably know his brother, Marc, is still a Grizzly.

This pairing would be a whole lot of fun to see. Marc and Pau united on a team, vying for a title together? You can’t write a better sports story than that!

There are some pretty interesting trades here, too. The Grizzlies won’t give up brother Marc, Mike Conley, Zach Randolph or Tony Allen for just about anybody. Pau Gasol isn’t just a player though.

Even if Memphis refused to deal any of those guys, maybe Jeff Green for Gasol and a tiny contract to make the salaries match could fly.

Much like how the Chris Paul to the Los Angeles Lakers trade was blocked for basketball reasons, this trade should be forced through due to basketball reasons. Watching the Marc/Pau frontcourt play together would be an incredible experience for everybody.

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So while the Grizzlies may have the least reasons out of any of these four teams to make this deal, they also kind of have the most reason too. Please Memphis, unite the Spaniards. Give the people what they want.