Ti’s Four-Point Play: Which NBA Teams Can Challenge The Warriors?

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Oklahoma City Thunder

The Oklahoma City Thunder are not without their own flaws. Questions of the fit between Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant will persist as long as the two are teammates. Enes Kanter is unplayable in crunch time situations thanks to his absolute inability to defend. The Thunder have a rookie head coach who has yet to prove he’s capable of leading this juggernaut.

But guess what? They also have KD and Russ. Those two being healthy on a team together is like a skull and crossbones for any team they’re matched up against in the postseason. These two would be foundational pieces capable of making two separate franchises very good.

But the two of them on the same team is nearly unfair. The Thunder top this list because in crunch time in a close game, it’s hard to not lean towards the team that can choose to go through either Westbrook or Durant.

The Kanter signing may not have been a great one, but as OKC fans love to point out incessantly the decision was not between Kanter and other free agents. It was him or nothing.

So while long-term flexibility may have been sacrificed, it’s tough to argue against a team that can afford to only use one of the best low-post scorers and offensive rebounders in the league as a super sub.

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So the Thunder are fine with flying a bit under the radar right now. They know full well once the games really start to matter, no team looks forward to trying to contain Durant and Westbrook with their season on the line. As long as those two are good to go, Oklahoma City can hang with any team. Even the historic Warriors.