Ti’s Four-Point Play: A Look At The NBA’s Best In Different Areas

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The Greatest Rebounding Team In The NBA – Oklahoma City Thunder

The Oklahoma City Thunder‘s grasp of the title of greatest rebounding team is not undisputed. The Thunder do not lead the NBA in rebounds per game, but they do have the edge in both offensive rebounding percentage and overall rebounding percentage.

Since I’m a believer in those kinds of advanced statistics over more basic data the Thunder get the nod. And really, the only reason they’re even in this discussion is Enes Kanter.

Kanter has yet to start a single game for the Thunder, but he’s still ninth in the NBA in total offensive rebounds. That’s because he’s probably the association’s best offensive rebounder. Kanter grabs 16.3 percent of available rebounds on the offensive glass, which is just barely more than Andre Drummond for the best mark in the NBA.

I’ve written about Kanter’s shortcomings before, but there’s no denying his effectiveness on the glass. Kanter gets the Thunder a lot of extra possessions, which in turn gets them extra points. That’s valuable, even if his defense is…not.

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