‘Miami Vice’ Heat Uniforms? Yes, Please!

Earlier this week, Miami Heat owner Micky Arison caused quite a stir with his Instagram account.  Arison posted photoshopped images of Dwyane Wade wearing a mockup of a Miami Vice-themed Heat uniform, and asked fans to reply with their opinions.

As you can tell from the several thousand “likes” and comments, clearly the concept is a hit.  Below is a wider view, as well as more evidence (notice the retweets) of its popularity:

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For those who might not know, here’s what the show’s original logo looked like:

It appears as though the idea first surfaced on Reddit, where a user by the name of NeotericPioneer suggested the team create promotional “Vice Nights” to honor the popular television program that aired from 1984-90.  The Neo Layout Twitter account (presumably the same person) also shared some logo and uniform ideas:

The notion of a theme night was quick to gain steam on social media, with others joining in the fun as well:


Sean Highkin of NBC Sports ProBasketballTalk calls it “a nice homage to maybe the most lasting cultural export from Miami.”  Regardless, these uniforms just look cool.  I’m not from Miami, nor am I a Heat fan.  In fact, I don’t believe I’ve ever even seen the TV show.  But something about the teal and light purple with the stripe down the side just gets me.

The color scheme is a bit similar to the Charlotte Hornets, but it’s different enough to stand out–especially as an occasional alternate jersey.

Who knows whether or not this spectacular idea will come to fruition, but it appears Arison is serious about it.  In another Instagram post he mentioned that this will be the 10-year anniversary of the Heat’s first championship, as well as 25 years since Miami Vice went off the air.