NBA Stats: Age vs. Performance

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Different stats compared compared to player age, all counting stats per 36 minutes, click on graphs to enlarge

 Statistical Production(PER)

Age vs. PER

CLICK TO ENLARGE. X-Axis = Age, Y-Axis=PER. Graph of the statistical production of NBA Players during the 2013-14 Season vs. Age. Created By: Mika Honkasalo

  • The NBA seems to have a very inefficient group of 26-year olds right now. Aside from that it looks like players reach their statistical peek quite early in their careers. There’s actually some evidence showing that most players peak at an earlier age than we tend to think, and only for the very best it takes a longer time to reach their full potential(age 27 or 28).
  • The 34 and over does better than expected in most stats, pointing to a kind of: “You already lost your athleticism, so if you made it this far your game ages really well” effect. That includes Paul Pierce, Dirk Nowitzki, Tim Duncan, Andre Miller etc.
  • PER is very good at measuring statistical production and year-by-year improvement/decline. It is bad at showing defense, since only about 25% of defensive plays are accounted for (steals, blocks, fouls).

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