NBA Awards Watch (3-18-13)


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After yet another superhuman performance by LeBron James, there’s no question who deserves to win the Most Valuable Player award. What about the other individual awards? Let’s take a look in this week’s edition of HoopsHabit’s NBA Awards Watch.

Most Improved Player

Welcome to stardom, Paul. Photo Credit: IsoSports,

1. Paul George
2. Kyrie Irving
3. Jrue Holiday

Paul George656537.76.415.1.4222.36.1.3862.63.1.8141.
Jrue Holiday616138.77.617.0.4451.13.1.3672.53.2.7631.
Kyrie Irving494935.18.518.2.4661.94.5.4144.14.9.8420.

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There’s no runaway winner here, but with Irving getting hurt again and Holiday regressing to the mean, George has become the best option. It never hurts that he plays for the best team of the three, either.

Rookie of the Year

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1. Damian Lillard
2. Anthony Davis
3. Bradley Beal

Bradley Beal524631.
Anthony Davis524828.15.310.4.5110.00.1.0002.53.3.7362.
Damian Lillard656538.56.815.7.4312.26.2.3563.23.8.8610.

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The beat goes on for Lillard in this race. He’s had a healthy lead for the entire season and while Davis has closed the gap some, it’s not nearly enough at this point. Beal was coming on strong before his injury, but he also has a long way to go.

Defensive Player of the Year

Sanders has been a defensive stalwart in Milwaukee. Photo Credit: Keith Allison,

1. Larry Sanders
2. Tim Duncan
3. Roy Hibbert

Tim Duncan565629.86.913.7.5040.00.1.2863.34.1.8061.
Roy Hibbert656528.54.510.5.4290.00.1.2501.82.5.7383.
Larry Sanders584226.

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We’ve been calling for Sanders to win this award for a while now, although we don’t believe he’ll get enough credit from the mainstream media to win it. Duncan is the sentimental favorite, with Hibbert and Joakim Noah in the running.

Sixth Man of the Year

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1. J.R. Smith
2. Jamal Crawford
3. Kevin Martin

Jamal Crawford61029.
Kevin Martin65028.24.610.3.4472.15.0.4233.03.3.8930.
J.R. Smith64033.

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This is the only race that’s wide open in our eyes. Each of these guys have their strengths, with Smith edging out the others because of his activity in other areas. It’s no coincedence that these three players play for top-10 teams.

Most Valuable Player

LeBron James Photo Credit: Keith Allison,

1. LeBron James
2. Kevin Durant
3. Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant676737.99.620.4.4681.85.2.3396.27.4.8380.
Kevin Durant676738.
LeBron James656538.

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Even before James decimated the Boston Celtics on Monday night, there was no question that he deserves the MVP. He’s the best player on the best team and more than worthy to win another MVP award.