Your NBA Fix Podcast Ep. 20 (3-17-13)


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Welcome to Your NBA Fix Podcast, presented by We’re here every Sunday night to go over the week that was in the NBA.

On this week’s Your NBA Fix Podcast, we talked about the following topics:

– Was Kobe Bryant’s injury caused by a dirty play by Dahntay Jones? How has it changed the Los Angeles Lakers’ fortune and can it be considered a good thing in the long run?

– George Hill made some very inflammatory comments about Indiana Pacers fans after their game against the Lakers. Was he right? Is it good to call out your home fans when they aren’t producing the way players expect them to?

– We took a look at five teams and five players who have gotten hot. We took the difference in efficiency from their last five games and their season averages up to that point.

– Your Parting Fix: The relationship between players and the media. We talked about how players need to feel a certain level of trust before they’re really willing to open up and even then, how they are very well protected.