Your NBA Fix Podcast Ep. 19 (3-10-13)


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Welcome to Your NBA Fix Podcast, presented by We’re here every Sunday night to go over the week that was in the NBA.

On this week’s Your NBA Fix Podcast, we talked about the following topics:

– The Miami Heat extended their winning streak to 18 games after a 105-91 over the Pacers and are asserting their dominance in the Eastern Conference. Could the streak reach 30 in a row?

– Guess who’s back in the playoffs? Yep, it’s the Los Angeles Lakers. We took a look at the rest of their schedule and what their goals should be.

– Playoff Watch: We took a look at the current matchups and talked about what each team needs to do. There are some interesting matchups out there, including Spurs vs. Lakers and Grizzlies vs. Nuggets.

– Your Parting Fix: Three teams that are currently out of the playoffs, but that nobody wants to face down the stretch when they need to improve their playoff position.