Philadelphia 76ers: Should They Just Trade Andrew Bynum?


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The Philadelphia 76ers had a great run last year, advancing in to the Eastern Conference semifinals after defeating the Chicago Bulls in the first round. They were primed to make this season their year.

Unfortunately things haven’t worked out their way.

The 76ers are fourth in the Atlantic Division and are currently on the outside looking in for the playoffs. A lot of the blame falls on a player who hasn’t even stepped on the court this year: center Andrew Bynum.

Should the 76ers just trade Bynum?

Bynum was part of the four-team trade that sent Dwight Howard to the Los Angeles Lakers and Andre Iguodala to the Denver Nuggets. Howard and Iguodala have played this season, while Bynum has not. The center is still dealing with knee issues. He’s missed all season with a bruised right knee. According to the Delaware County Times, Bynum started feeling pain in his left knee during preseason workouts.

Maybe it’s time for the 76ers to cut their losses. They can afford to, but it’s not clear who would take him.

At this point, no team should take a risk on a center that has bad knees, such as the 25-year-old Bynum. Bynum’s knees have been more of a reoccurring problem in his career than his actual play. Why should any team take a risk on the oft-injured center?

In fact, it wouldn’t make sense for the possible trade to happen, especially with Bynum’s contract expiring after this season. This trade probably won’t happen.

The real question is where will Bynum end up next season. Will Philadelphia re-sign the young center? Will Bynum move on elsewhere?

Bynum still is a valuable commodity.  Wherever he ends up, if his knees heal up, then that team has a great young center. The 76ers should keep Bynum but only offer a one-year deal. It’s a safe deal, just in case Bynum doesn’t heal from his chronic knee problems.

Trading him at this point shouldn’t happen. It wouldn’t be a smart decision for any team to trade for Bynum. It should be considered a steal if the 76ers could get something for Bynum.

The upshot in other words is “trade” Andrew Bynum at your own risk.

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