Scouting Report – Jackie Carmichael


Name:  Jackie Carmichael   Age:   22   School: Illinois State

Height: 6’9   Weight: 240  Projected Position:         PF          

2012-13 Stats (As of  2/10/13):

18.0 ppg, 9.1 rpg, 1.9 bpg, 2.5 tpg (30.2 minutes per game)

54.0 FG%, 70.0 FT%, 57.8 TS%, 54.1 eFG%

9.7 OREB%, 24.6 DREB%, 17.2 TREB%, 7.0 BLK%, 29.5 USG%



Post Play/Footwork

Carmichael is very efficient in the low, mid, and high posts, and can score in a variety of ways.  He has developed a solid mini-hook after a dribble or two off the low block, as well as a strong up-and-under if the help defense closes on him. He uses a dropstep well, especially if he sees the double-team coming from the topside.  Finally, Carmichael is very good at facing up smoothly out of the low and mid post and hitting the jumper.  He has excellent touch around the rim, and he does a good job using his body to clear space to allow him to get to the basket.  Carmichael is comfortable going over either shoulder, though he needs to use his lower body well to anchor position.  He does a good job keeping his hands out to receive the pass, and has become much more adept at receiving passes over the top, especially when posting in the middle of the lane.  While he has developed a series of go to moves, his footwork isn’t great when he is pressured, and he can be forced into turnovers.  He needs to remain patient and see what the defense gives him.  Carmichael is very good at using shot fakes to get defenders in the air, and he is very capable of drawing, and finishing, though contact.  He is a very good screener on the perimeter and he rolls well to the basket, releasing quickly and having his eyes on the ballhandler ready for the pass.


Carmichael is an average ballhandler for his size, doing a good job looking to minimize his dribbles, and shielding the ball by keeping it low and close to his body.  He is much more comfortable with his right hand than his left, and you really don’t want him taking more than 2-3 dribbles when being guarded. He has improved his use of one power dribble to get to the rim around the basket, but he needs to be aware of help defenders.  Outside of 10 feet, he isn’t much of a threat using his dribble and he prefers to avoid it.


Carmichael is a good spot-up shooter, and is capable of hitting from 15-17 feet consistently.  He squares well to the basket, has a good release point and follow-through.  His size allows him to shoot over most defenders, and if not, he uses a jab step well to create space.  He understands spacing in pick-and-pop situations and he is a good option here, who should only get better.  Closer to the rim, Carmichael has good touch in close and is capable of finishing with finesse or strong at the rim.  He uses both hands well, though he prefers to find ways to finish around the basket with his right.


Carmichael is a good offensive rebounder when he is settled in around the low blocks.  He uses his length well to tip balls to himself or to teammates, and when he gets the ball he secures it well.  Carmichael needs to look to use his body better to get position instead of relying on his upper body and long arms.  Also, because Carmichael is often used away from the basket on shots and screens, he isn’t in optimal position to get offensive boards.

Passing Skills

Carmichael has average court vision, especially out of the low post. He makes strong passes to the perimeter, and on target enough to allow his teammate to get a quick shot off.  Carmichael needs to work is on anticipating the need to make a pass, especially against double-teams on the low blocks.  He should also work on being able to spot weak-side cutters for easy shots around the basket.

Free Throw Shooting

Carmichael is a decent free throw shooter, but he should, and could, be much better.  He is a smooth routine and stroke, with good follow-through and arc.  Carmichael needs to avoid looking to change his shot after a miss, especially rushing 2nd shots.  He would probably get to the line a lot more, but he takes less than half his shots around the post area, leading to less contact and chances to get to the line.  Still, when he does get the ball in the low post, he does a great job drawing contact and getting a good shot off.


Post Defense

Carmichael positions himself well in the post, and he uses his upper body to put pressure on the offensive player.  He does a good job battling for position for the upper leg, and he uses his long arms to deny the post.  He needs to work on using his lower body better to anchor his position, and using it to force his man away from the basket.  His footwork has improved, but he can still be a step slow against quicker offensive players.  His lack of foot speed is helped somewhat by his ability to get wide and force players to go wide.  When his man faces up, he does a good job not coming out too far and making his man have to score from the perimeter.  Carmichael needs to work on hedging more effectively on pick-and-rolls and forcing the ballhandler to take a wide path around. Generally, Carmichael has good defensive awareness, and you can see him throughout the game directing his teammates from the back of the defense.

Perimeter Defense

Carmichael doesn’t have the foot speed and lateral quickness to defend smaller, quicker players on the perimeter, but he compensates by positioning himself well while also working to force any penetration towards the help defense.  Carmichael reacts well to his man’s movements, and he does a good job not falling for ball and shot fakes.  He uses his length well to close on shooters and it allows him to cover ground quickly.

Help Defense/Shot Blocking

Carmichael has good defensive awareness and has become a much better as a weakside and basket help defender, and he uses his length well enough to alter opposing shots.  He has done a good job not picking up fouls by staying grounded on shot-fakes. He is a quick hands and he has the ability to block or strip the ball low instead of being forced off the ground.  Carmichael positions himself well off the ball to allow him to slide or step over to help when needed.


Carmichael can be very good on the defensive boards, but he can be even better.  He is very good at tracking the shot as it goes up and looking to get to a spot to allow him to get the rebound.  He does a good job going strong after the miss, extending his arms to get the ball up high, and securing it.  He does look to box out often, but he should work on using the lower body to clear out space.  Carmichael is also very good at tipping the ball to keep it alive so he or a teammate can try and secure it.


Carmichael doesn’t look to get out in transition often, though he can cover a lot of ground quickly if he makes the effort.  As a team, Illinois State doesn’t look to push the ball as a general rule.  With greater consistency, Carmichael could be a good option for trailer jumper in transition.  When he does get out on the break, he has good hands and good body control to finish at the basket.


Carmichael is a skilled low-post player who is very comfortable playing in the mid-range area.  He has a variety of ways to score in the post, his footwork has improved, and he doesn’t take very many bad shots.  He is a much better post defender than perimeter defender, but he has good awareness and understanding how to play different players.  He is capable of being a strong rebounder on either end of the floor, and he has the strength to play a physical game.  He should look to be more aggressive, and he needs to work on attacking the basket from the mid-range area. 

Draft Value:  Late 1st Round– #20-27

With some work on the defensive end, Carmichael is ready to play at the NBA level.  He makes the most of his touches and can used in a variety of spots on the floor.  He plays much bigger than he is in the post, and could defend bigger players if absolutely needed to.  He would be a strong pick-up for a halfcourt dominant offense that likes to use their forwards in pick-and-roll and pick-and-pop situations.

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