Boston Celtics: Five Veteran Point Guards The C’s Should Target Without Rondo


The Boston Celtics dealt with some earth-shatteringly bad news Sunday: Rajon Rondo tore his ACL and will be out for the forseeable future.

While he hopes to return to the lineup quickly, there’s no way of knowing what the timetable will be. This leaves the Celtics, a team struggling to sneak into the playoffs, looking for an answer at the point guard spot. With that in mind, these are some veteran point guards who could do some solid work in a green-and-white uniform this season.

1Jose Calderon

The Toronto Raptors are still deciding which point guard they will stick with between Jose Calderon and Kyle Lowry, but since Lowry is younger and has more upside, the smart money says that they will keep him and ship off Calderon before the trade deadline.

If Calderon is traded, he would fit in well in Boston. Much like Rondo, he is a pass-first point guard who will do a fine job of dishing out dimes to Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce. Additionally, he is a stronger shooter than Rondo, and could add some potency to the Celtics offense.

2. Andre Miller

With Ty Lawson entrenched as the Denver Nuggets starting point guard, Andre Miller has done a solid job off the bench for Denver since joining them in 2011. Still, he’d love a chance to start again and he could get that chance in Boston.

Not only is Miller still a very skilled player at 36, he’s a great leader and would likely create a more stable atmosphere in the Celtics locker room. That he’s considerably less moody than the notably enigmatic Rondo certainly wouldn’t hurt either. Miller is the type of player who could help the Celtics on and off the court.

3. Jameer Nelson

Jameer Nelson is well-liked in Orlando, but he represents a bygone era for the Magic, specifically, one where Dwight Howard was on the roster. Now, the Magic are a young team, looking to gain pieces for the future.

While shipping off their veteran point guard might make them worse in the short run, a decent trade haul would certainly make their future outlook brighter. The Celtics could use a strong veteran presence who has experience in the playoffs and Nelson fits that bill perfectly. After struggling in 2011-12, Nelson is having a very good season and would probably love to lend has talents to a team with a chance of making the postseason.

4. Rodney Stuckey

Admittedly, the fact that Rodney Stuckey is a combo guard rather than a true point guard makes him a bit of a risk for a team that had previously rode with one of the purest points in the league in Rondo.

Still, if anyone could thrive with a change of scenery, it’s Stuckey. This guy has been trapped on sub-par Detroit Pistons teams for the majority of his career and he would likely relish the chance to thrive on a contending team. If the Celtics acquired Stuckey, it would not be shocking if he wound up playing some of his best basketball in years. Players always do better when they have a strong sense of purpose.

5. Ramon Sessions

Ramon Sessions has thrived in a sixth-man role for the Charlotte Bobcats, but he would likely relish the chance to start again. Sessions isn’t necessarily the flashiest player in the league, but in a pinch, he can get the job done.

Keep in mind, the Celtics don’t necessarily need an elite point guard; just someone who can do a credible job of running the Celtics offense and not look like a huge liability. Sessions is good enough to fit that role, especially if he is able to display the same energy and explosiveness that has marked his time in Charlotte.

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