Jose Calderon: A HoopsHabit Exclusive Interview By Kevin Rashidi


Kevin Rashidi recently had the chance to do an interview with the Toronto Raptors point guard Jose Calderon. While Calderon isn’t the full time starter for the Raptors anymore, he’s still been just as important as an insurance policy. Kyle Lowry hasn’t been able to stay healthy, which means Calderon has started in 24 out of 39 games this year. Check out his career stats:


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Let’s see what Calderon had to say.

Kevin Rashidi: To start off I wanted to thank you for taking your time out of what I’m sure is a busy schedule to do this for me! As a fan, I appreciate what you’ve done for the Raptors and the city of Toronto over the past 8 seasons. You are a top class professional in the NBA and a role model to many!

Jose Calderon: It is my pleasure.

KR: What has been the best part of living in Toronto, organization and city wise for 8 years now? Why is it considered like a second home to you?

JC: It is a multicultural city, they make me feel like home since day one. The people here are great. 

KR: What is your greatest memory so far with the Raptors? Does any certain play or season stand out?

JC: The debut was great. The 2006-07 was really a good season.

KR: How do you maintain such a high level of play when every year there is a ton of rumors swirling about you possibly being traded?

JC: I just tried to be professional, this is my team, so the only things I can control is playing hard and help my teammates.

KR: If you had the chance to play for ANY team in the NBA, who would it be?

JC: I don’t like to think about it. Raptors right now.

KR: Who would you say you are the closest to teammate/friends wise on the raptors?

JC: Made great friends over the years, (Anthony) Parker, (Carlos) Delfino, Martin… Andrea, Linas, Gray, DeMar or Ed.

KR: I’ve gotten some requests from fans to ask you some questions that aren’t directly basketball related.

KR: What is your favourite sneaker to play basketball in?

JC: “Li-Ning” for sure.

KR: Who is your favorite soccer player and team, and why?

JC: Xabi Alonso, Real Madrid, he controls the game kind of like a point guard.

KR: Where is your favorite spot in Toronto to eat either post game or simply for dinner?

JC: Steak, Jacob’s & Cia, Spanish, Patria.

KR: To end it off, one final question.If the raptors hang on to you until the summer and you become a free agent, would you be willing to resign and continue playing for the Raptors?

JC: You never know what’s gonna happen. But I’m sure when the time arrives I’ll listen and decide on every possibility. Is not the time to think about it. We will see in summer. Right now is only time for the Raptors.

KR: Thank you again Jose for giving me your time to do this interview. Era un honor de dirigirse a usted. Best of luck for the rest of the season. Hoping for the best and hope to chat with you again soon!

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