NBA: Top 5 Players We’d Vote To See In The Dunk Contest


Every NBA season we are treated to one of the greatest weekends in all of sports, All-Star Weekend. While the main event is the NBA All-Star Game that Sunday night, a majority of people look forward to the Dunk Contest held on Saturday night. One thing I have never understood is: Why can’t we vote for the players we would like to see in the Dunk Contest? We get to vote for which players play in the All-Star Game, so why not let us vote for the dunk contest participants as well? Not only would this boost the television ratings for the event, but it would raise the “wow factor” of the event to a whole new level. Let’s pretend for a moment that we actually get to vote for who we want to see in the Dunk Contest. Who would you vote for? Below are our hypothetical top five votegetters. Let them dunk!

Number 5: DeAndre Jordan

To put it simply, Jordan is a freak of an athlete. Standing at 6-11 and weighing 250 pounds, he is probably the most athletic center in the NBA. We have all seem him finish alley-oops thrown his way by Chris Paul; it looks like he is playing on a Nerf hoop! Add in his 40 inch vertical and 7-6 wingspan and he could give us a dunk contest for the ages!  Just imagine the insane dunks he could throw down with no defense and with the use of some props. He would definitely show us some dunks we wouldn’t easily forget.

Number 4: James Harden

This pick might surprise you. Harden is known for his controlled “old guy” style of play. But when the opportunity presents itself, he is actually one of the best finishers at and above the rim in the league. At 6-5 and 220 pounds, he has a rare combination of speed and power. That speed and power coupled with his 37 inch vertical would be able to deliver some of the more powerful dunks in recent history.

Number 3:  Derrick Favors

Out of all the players in the NBA who average less than 23 minutes per game, Favors just might be the most athletic of all of them. At 6-10 and 246 pounds, this guy is a beast. At the NBA draft combine in 2010, Favors was able to jump and reach a height of 12 feet 1.5 inches. That is more than two feet above the rim! Just imagine the dunks he could provide us with that kind of hang time. Incredible.

Number 2: Kevin Durant

Durant is a one of a kind athlete at nearly 7 feet tall and the ability to score from anywhere on the court. He shoots threes with what seems like less effort than a free throw. It is this ability to score from anywhere that may lead some to believe that he is not a great dunker. Don’t be fooled. Sure he can drain 3’s and fade aways better than anyone in the league, but if the opportunity is there, he can soar with the best of them. With a 34 inch vertical and 7-5 wingspan, Durant can throw down some spectacular dunks.

Number 1: LeBron James

This was a no-brainer. The best all-around athlete in the world today needs to be in the dunk contest. James is 6-8, 250 pounds, and has a staggering 40-plus-inch vertical leap. The NBA average is in the high 20s. He has provided us with some of the best in-game dunks in recent memory. Also, there are rumors out there that LeBron can touch the top of the backboard… That alone is enough for him to be No. 1 on this list.

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