NBA Stat Central #12: Shots! Shots! Shots!


No, we’re not talking about Goldschlager or Jagermaister here. We’re also not talking about gun control. We’re talking about putting the ball in the basket from anywhere at any time. This version of NBA Stat Central is going to take a look at the most prolific shooters in the league and when they’re the most dangerous.

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We always hear about “clutch” shooters and those who do their best work late in games. What about those who start hot and establish a nice lead for their teams? Shouldn’t they get some credit, too?

All Stats Are For The 2012-13 Season

Most Field Goals In The First Quarter

1Kobe Bryant2012-13LAL3096184.522881845.40027.57137.385
2LeBron James2012-13MIA3093166.56073718.38911.58136.387
3Blake Griffin2012-13LAC3392177.5208501.0001.52054.587
4Carmelo Anthony2012-13NYK2691171.532803359.55926.62945.495
5Tony Parker2012-13SAS3390152.5926224.5002.59927.300
6Tim Duncan2012-13SAS3483160.51977000.51954.651
7Brook Lopez2012-13BRK2581126.64345000.64354.667
8LaMarcus Aldridge2012-13POR2980157.51077000.51038.475
9Al Jefferson2012-13UTA3277164.47087000.47029.377
10James Harden2012-13HOU3173158.462851041.24431.49418.247

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Not too surprising of a list here, with the notable exception of Brook Lopez. If the Brooklyn Nets went through Lopez throughout the game, how much better would they be? Lopez sees his shots decline throughout the game. He goes from 126 attempts in the first quarter to 71, 102 and 69 in respective quarters. Give him the ball!

Most Field Goals In The Second Quarter

1David Lee2012-13GSW3182137.59955000.59961.744
2Jamal Crawford2012-13LAC3281164.494832348.47925.56448.593
3Tim Duncan2012-13SAS3367113.59346221.0000.60248.716
4Kobe Bryant2012-13LAL3166141.468751337.35124.51423.348
5Chris Bosh2012-13MIA296498.6533415.2004.65845.703
6Kevin Durant2012-13OKC3164126.508621630.53314.57144.688
7Kevin Martin2012-13OKC3063121.521582756.48229.63245.714
8Carmelo Anthony2012-13NYK2662138.449761033.30323.48626.419
9James Harden2012-13HOU3061135.452741944.43225.52218.295
10Brandon Jennings2012-13MIL2960128.469681426.53812.52323.383

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The second quarter is often when the bench starts getting some bigger minutes, so it makes sense to see Jamal Crawford and Kevin Martin on the list. It’s interesting to see David Lee and Chris Bosh, though. Is it because the offense changes or the second-string centers aren’t nearly as good defensively against these guys? I’m going with the former.

Most Field Goals In The Third Quarter

1LeBron James2012-13MIA3099177.559782045.44425.61649.495
2Kobe Bryant2012-13LAL3182182.4511001441.34127.48929.354
3Kevin Durant2012-13OKC3178160.488821845.40027.54447.603
4Thaddeus Young2012-13PHI3277132.58355000.58356.727
5Al Jefferson2012-13UTA3275158.47583000.47546.613
6Blake Griffin2012-13LAC3371135.5266414.2503.53050.704
7David West2012-13IND3270145.4837513.3332.48642.600
8DeMar DeRozan2012-13TOR3270147.47677515.33310.49340.571
9Russell Westbrook2012-13OKC3169164.421951541.36626.46616.232
10Greg Monroe2012-13DET3468141.48273000.48233.485

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Halftime is all about adjustments and taking advantage of mismatches. As we look at this list, it becomes apparent that the cream rises to the top with LeBron James, Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant. Who would’ve thought Thaddeus Young would be there? Maybe Doug Collins is a Wizard (he did coach them, after all)?

Most Field Goals In The Fourth Quarter

1Kobe Bryant2012-13LAL2876162.469862157.36836.53430.395
2Kevin Durant2012-13OKC2672135.533631233.36421.57835.486
3Jamal Crawford2012-13LAC3372164.439922364.35941.50942.583
4J.R. Smith2012-13NYK3263140.450771647.34031.50722.349
5David Lee2012-13GSW3257100.57043000.57042.737
6Stephen Curry2012-13GSW3155131.420762560.41735.51531.564
7David West2012-13IND2855107.5145213.3332.51934.618
8LeBron James2012-13MIA2652107.486551228.42916.54215.288
9Andre Miller2012-13DEN2951108.47257212.16710.48111.216
10Ryan Anderson2012-13NOH3251133.383822772.37545.48535.686

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We talked about crunch time earlier and here we are. The names aren’t that surprising, as the players on this list are very offensively-centered players. However, take a look at some of those field goal percentages. Jamal Crawford at 43.9%? Stephen Curry at 42%? Ryan Anderson at 38.3%? Woof.

Most Field Goals In Overtime

1O.J. Mayo2012-13DAL5920.4501128.2506.5002.222
2Tony Parker2012-13SAS3812.667402.0002.6671.125
3Damian Lillard2012-13POR3810.800246.66721.0005.625
4DeMar DeRozan2012-13TOR3719.3681204.0004.3685.714
5LeBron James2012-13MIA3711.636401.0001.6361.143
6Russell Westbrook2012-13OKC3610.600423.6671.7002.333
7Rajon Rondo2012-13BOS5510.500501.0001.5001.200
8LaMarcus Aldridge2012-13POR459.5564000.5563.600
9Will Bynum2012-13DET1512.4177000.4171.200
10Nicolas Batum2012-13POR357.714234.7501.92951.000

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Not everyone plays equal amounts of overtime and the sample size isn’t that large, so we’ll have to take this one with a grain of salt. With that said, take a look at this list and what stands out? With the exception of Tony Parker (who is having one of his finest seasons), it’s all young guys. O.J. Mayo, Damian Lillard and crew have enough energy to go beyond 48 minutes.

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