NBA Power Rankings: 2014-15 Eastern Conference Forecast

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NBA Power Rankings

63 days left until the 2014-15 NBA Season is underway!  Now that you read that and hang your head in utter despair, it’s important to remember to keep yourself busy during the offseason.

With our many installments of NBA Power Rankings, there’s always time to evaluate who will be the strongest horses in the race next season, and who will plummet (or stay) near the bottom.  It’s already begun, and everyone is going through a frenzy trying to figure out where each team will land in both conferences.

Determining record totals is tricky in any sport or league, whether it’s associated with the college game or the professionals.  However, the NBA has it’s own difficulty.  Each year, a conference either grows stronger in depth and firepower, or gets compared to the most hideous sight on Earth.  That would be the St. Louis Rams quarterback situation, right?  Or, last year’s Eastern Conference.

Today, we unveil our 2014-15 Eastern Conference projections, as you’ll have a chance to see how the playing field will appear at the end of the regular season.

One thing to keep in mind is that these are the projected playoff seedings as well, and each three division winners have to claim a top four seed.  With this year’s thoroughly improved conference, that’s not going to be a problem.  Two of the three East divisions — Atlantic, Central, Southeast — appears to have a favorable option on paper, before the season begins.  The other is up in the air, and it will be until mid-April.


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