HoopsHabit Hangout #21: LIVE NBA Show 300pm ET

Have you missed us? The HoopsHabit Hangout is back, with our LIVE show on Wednesdays at 300pm ET here on HoopsHabit.com, talking everything in the NBA and NCAA world. This week is our NBA Free Agency show, with our very special guest, Shane Young. After talking Lakers and free agency, we’ll play One Word, In or Out and Over/Under!


The show will appear in the screen below. For now, why don’t you watch our last show, where we talked about the NBA Draft with Phoenix Suns beat writer Paul Coro!


Founder and Editor-in-Chief of HoopsHabit.com, Michael Dunlap
Lead Editor of HoopsHabit.com, Phil Watson
Assistant (to the regional) Editor of HoopsHabit.com, Gerald Bourguet

Special Guest:

HoopsHabit.com writer and Los Angeles Lakers savant, Shane Young


The show starts on Wednesday at 300pm ET/1200pm PT here on HoopsHabit.com. Right in this post, you’ll see the live stream or you can keep an eye on Twitter to see the link sent out to everyone. Make sure to follow @DunlapSports and @HoopsHabit to get that link. During the regular season, we’ll be here every week. During the offseason, things will be more sporadic.


Carmelo Anthony‘s Big Mistake
Trading Andrew Wiggins for Kevin Love
Greg Monroe Possibilities
Lakers/Free Agency Q & A with Shane Young
One Word
In or Out


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