Jun 27, 2014; Independence, OH, USA; Cleveland Cavaliers first round pick Andrew Wiggins speaks to the media at Cleveland Clinic Courts. Mandatory Credit: David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

NBA Rumors: Cavaliers Now Willing To Trade Andrew Wiggins For Kevin Love?

Remember that time the Golden State Warriors didn’t want to trade Klay Thompson for Kevin Love? Whoops.

According to ESPN’s Chris Broussard, the Cleveland Cavaliers may have changed their mind about including No. 1 draft pick Andrew Wiggins in a potential trade package for Kevin Love. LeBron James and the Cavaliers have been interested in bringing Love to join a promising core of LeBron and Kyrie Irving, and according to rumors, Love is on board with the idea as well.

But until now, the Cavs have been reluctant to include their promising young rookie any Kevin Love trade talks, while the Minnesota Timberwolves have been adamant a deal won’t happen without him. Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports dropped a nice little Woj-bomb on everyone’s Twitter feed Thursday evening as well:

It’s looking more and more likely like Kevin Love will be in a Cleveland Cavaliers uniform for the 2014-15 season. Why? Because LeBron James holds all the power in Cleveland. He didn’t have to come home. Sure it felt right, and yeah, we should give him the benefit of the doubt that he wanted to make amends with his home state after the way he betrayed them on national television in 2010.

But the fact of the matter is, the Cavaliers are unbelievably lucky he’s coming home. After failing to put the right pieces around him in his first seven seasons with the Cavs, Dan Gilbert and company won’t be making the same mistake this time around. Whatever LeBron wants, LeBron will get. According to Woj, LeBron wants Kevin Love, Andrew Wiggins’ potential be damned.

On the one hand, it makes sense. The reason for LeBron only signing a two-year contract with the Cavs is so he can make an even more lucrative deal when the cap goes up and the NBA gets its new TV deal. I don’t see him leaving Cleveland AGAIN, but the King is also 29 years old and his prime won’t last forever. While the prospect of LeBron tutoring Wiggins is tantalizing, even if Wiggins does become a star, that’s still a few years away.

Love represents a chance for the Cavaliers to contend immediately in the East. LeBron and Wiggins terrorizing opponents on defense, getting steals and throwing alley-oops to each other all day would be a dream come true, but Kevin Love is only 25 years old and represents a sure thing right now. I don’t think Wiggins will be a bust, but the whole point of a No. 1 pick is hoping he pans out to a superstar. Isn’t that exactly what Kevin Love represents?

Wiggins is the patient approach, Love is the win-now approach. LeBron wants to win now. If the rumors that the Cavs are now including Wiggins in trade talks are true, it won’t be long before Love is in a Cavaliers jersey.

Once the Cavaliers sign Andrew Wiggins, they’ll have to wait 30 days before trading him. That’s not really a big deal, since Cleveland and Minnesota’s smartest plan would have been waiting it out to make a trade. The rosters don’t have to be set in stone in July, after all. The Cavs could let LeBron and Wiggins play together for a few months to see how it worked out and the Wolves could wait until the February trade deadline before making a move.

For Minnesota, a trade involving Wiggins is about as good as it’ll get. Flip Saunders will get a few players to help him win now, but the Timberwolves will get their best chance to start over with a franchise cornerstone this way. That’s better than anything the Warriors, Phoenix Suns or Boston Celtics can offer, even if the Wolves choose to not pull the trigger just yet.

But again, if there’s a theme here, it’s LeBron will get what he wants. There’s a reason he didn’t mention Andrew Wiggins or Anthony Bennett in his heartfelt letter to the city of Cleveland. This has probably been the plan all along. Here’s hoping this doesn’t stunt the growth and potential of Wiggins, but man will the Cavs be fun to watch next season if this trade goes through.

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  • Z….

    Again…what makes LeBron, and so many others, think that the Cavs can win just b/c they’d have LeBron, Love, and Irving? I think they have a much better chance without making the deal and finding someone to guard the PG spot and some rim protection

    • http://hoopshabit.com Gerald Bourguet

      I agree with you, but given that they play in the East a trio of LeBron, Love and Irving would make them favorites in the conference. Rose’s health isn’t guaranteed, the Pacers lost their best playmaker and Miami’s good, but not great. They’d still have issues defensively and wouldn’t be favorites to win it all, but to win the East? Probably.

      • Z….

        I personally wouldnt trade Andrew Wiggins for Kevin Love. I think Wiggins needs to be a part of Cleveland’s next contending team. Obviously, he still has a lot of room to grow, but I would bet on him having a better chance to reach his potential playing with LeBron James.He is an elite athlete, and the Cavs need to hold onto that for multiple reasons, including the fact that nobody on their roster besides LeBron James plays defense. I also dont think that a Cavs team with LeBron, Love, and Irving is a clear championship favorite, so the risk of losing Wiggins just doesnt seem worth taking, especially for a guy that can easily leave in a year

        I’m not stupid. I know that Kevin Love is a very good player, but the Cavs need someone that can guard the PG spot right now, as well as some rim protection. Kevin Love doesnt provide either of those things. He definitely fits with LeBron James. I’m not questioning that. I just dont think he is a fit for this current Cavs team

        • http://hoopshabit.com Gerald Bourguet

          The prospect of Wiggins growing under LeBron is been awesome, that’s for sure

          • Z….

            I think it would be a serious mistake to make the deal that is being spoken about

  • The Truth

    Make the trade already! Lebron’s moves have been “win now”! If you are committing to him as a franchise, time to commit full throttle! Wiggins will be good. How good? No freaking idea! Kevin Love is really, really good now. In fact, if he puts up some clutch performances in the playoffs, he has a chance to be Larry Bird good. You want the new Jordan-Pippen tandem, it’s staring you right in the face. It just looks a little different…

    • Z….


  • Lucas

    As a Lakers fan I would be Pissed if the wolves trade Love to the Cavs.

    • pihc

      Well that settles it. Don’t do the deal b/c a laker fan would be pissed.

    • Sir William Regal

      The Minneapolis Lakers and Wiggins will be a good fit. They get a player with 5 years of control. Gives them time to build around him.

  • Chad Roemer

    If Lebron wants, lets close the deal. Just need to figure out the contracts and players the Cavs to make the deal with regulations. This will add a few more Cavs players w/ Bennett being already decided on. Maybe a few picks as well..2 late round 1st round picks in upcoming years. One of them should be in 2017.

  • Marty Susman

    First off I am a Laker fan & hope that Love simply says, “I will not sign an extension with anyone other then the Lakers…….I have a great idea, Love comes to LA, Kobe goes to the Cav’s, Wiggy goes to the Timberwolves. :) I love this, excuse the pun

    • jayrcornelio

      Love won’t go to lakers cuz he knows he won’t get the ball much. Kobe will own the ball 90% of the time. He is most selfish player to ever play in the NBA. Thats why, Melo didn’t sign to Lakers.

      • disqus_OrnDOphYUR

        You’re an idiot and a tool created by the media. Kobe averages above the league average for assists for a 2 guard. You obviously have never picked up a basketball to save your life and actually played the game enough to be able to analyze it! Love has already stated how much he loves LA. Now he wont go there if he resigns with Cleveland, but you better believe if he doesnt get trade this year, he will be there at the end of the season. Repeat…You’re an idiot.

  • john Stamper

    People have fed into labrons letter as if he knew wiggins and Bennett wouldn’t be there but I see it differently, he was merely shouting out to the starters of his old heat team and to the starters of the cavs last year its there n black and white. I like love he is great but I think Wiggins should be on the list with labron and kyrie. Think of durant , harden , Westbrook and how that ended…

  • jayrcornelio

    Wiggins should not be traded if I may say. I love his athleticism and defensive awareness. He can protect the rim and help win games.

  • El Lobo

    I don’t think Lebron wants anything to do with the idea of babysitting and waiting for “Wiggles”. Can anyone blame him at his age? K-Love is only 25 and an All Star now. This deal should have been done 5 minutes after Lebron signed.

  • pihc

    The deal is already done. Just figuring out who and what to make the numbers match for the league front office. And it should get done. Unfair for Minnesota fans to go through another year of where in the world does Love wanna go to and gets to start a rebuild with some outstanding young assets. Cleveland becomes the instant ECF contender w/o another team in sight and most likely at least one ring in the next four years as they build their roster. Since there hasn’t been a ring since 50 years ago, it’s about freaking time.

  • Sir William Regal

    Anyone in the Cavs organization will have to go through Lebrons people before making decisions on anything.

    He has become a nicer version of Barry Bonds and his people who ran roughshot over the Giants locker room.

    Waiting for Lebron to drag a couch and big screen tv into the locker room and demand that no one else sit on it.

  • Zach

    I don’t think anyone bothers to understand how much cheaper wiggins is. Sure wiggins for love straight up sounds great but then you add the future picks, more players to the deal and your paying what 4x the amount?????? Wiggins is going to be dirt cheap for 5 years, they can afford so much more talent with wiggins on the roster instead of being immature and filling up with star talent with no d. Look what happened to Brooklyn. Got so excited about all the star power but you all forgot how horrible those guys were on D