Apr 20, 2014; Miami, FL, USA; Miami Heat forward James Jones (22) reacts after making a three point basket against the Charlotte Bobcats during the second half in game one during the first round of the 2014 NBA Playoffs at American Airlines Arena. The Heat won 99-88. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

James Jones To Join Cleveland Cavaliers

The LeBron James Effect continues to take hold on some of the league’s aging but experienced shooters.

Just a day after Mike Miller agreed to take less money to join LeBron and play with the Cleveland Cavaliers, it appears James Jones will be doing the same. According to Jason Lloyd of the Akron Beacon Journal, Jones has signed on with the Cavs in a one-year deal worth the league minimum. Jones also was receiving offers from the Golden State Warriors, Washington Wizards, New Orleans Hornets and the incumbent Miami Heat, per David Aldridge of NBA.com.

Last season with the Heat, Jones averaged 4.9 points per game on 45.6 percent shooting from the field and 51.9 percent shooting from three-point range. Jones only played in 11.8 minutes per game in 20 regular season appearances for Miami, however.

Adding Jones once again ensures that LeBron James will be happy that he’s able to surround himself with his own friends and teammates he’s comfortable with. Jones is a useful reserve in spots as a catch-and-shoot threat, but other than that this really is just a deal to make sure LeBron is completely satisfied with the way the roster is shaping up in Cleveland.

Jones is a career 40 percent shooter from three-point territory and he’s the second former Miami Heat teammate of LeBron James to join the Cavaliers this offseason. This will be Jones’ 11th season in the league after playing for the Indiana Pacers, Phoenix Suns, Portland Trail Blazers and Miami Heat.

According to Sam Amico of Fox Sports Ohio, LeBron may not be done recruiting just yet, as the Cavaliers are also interested in finding a way to add Ray Allen:

In other words, for better or worse, the Cleveland Cavaliers’ supporting cast is starting to look a lot like Miami’s last season. At the very least, moves like these will give the Cavs veteran leaders who can come off the bench and knock down a few threes.

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  • Marvin

    Makes perfect sense to add some of those guys especially with locker room experience. The team is still so young and hard to have any kind of championship hopes as of now. Maybe can have a conversation if they somehow get Love but still.. Whoever comes out of the West is not only going to be hot, but also extremely dangerous

    • Woody

      Well, they will have no chance at making it to the finals by surrounding James with aged players who barely played with the Heat. I guess James is finally living up to his word that championships are not the most important thing in his life since he was able to win 2. The cavaliers GM and owners are nothing but puppets now.

      • Marvin

        Lol I disagree completely. It doesn’t really matter if guys like Mike Miller or James Jones or potentially Ray Allen play minutes during the regular season. The Cavs are gonna be able to win 60 plus without’em just like Lebron did in the final years of his Cavs career surrounded by nobodies. But it’s just like how you saw Paul Pierce last year be an afterthought all throughout the season and be the guy during the postseason bc of veteran leadership. Think these young guys need to be coached up. But I don’t understand why ppl are upset about LeBron’s power. He’s Lebron James and this was gonna happen wherever he went. Just like all the great historic athletes in sports history, they all had some pull. Too many ppl still hating on LeBron but any team in the league would love to have him

        • fidel305

          James Jones was never any good. Allen and Miller were good value.signing back when Miami did it. They have nothing left in the tank

          Is copying riley’s last Gen moves all that James and filbert can manage?

          If so it will be movin on time again soon

          Cavs will.have trouble reaching 50 wins and getting past round 2 of the playoffs


        • Woody

          Keep drinkin’ the Lebron juice. It’s evident he was not such a great student of Pat Riley after all. James Jones played in 20 games last year and Miller was lucky to stay healthy for his first year out of the last 4. Both are Lebron acquisitions and proves that the Cavaliers management are now puppets. Clevelnad had a better shot in 2 years from now without Lebron, and Miami has a better shot now without him.

  • Spade

    So the gameplan is to sign every shooter the Heat had during LeBron’s 4 years there.

    • fidel305

      And who the Heat aren’t interested in re signing

  • fidel305

    He can’t play a lick of defense , can’t rebound or handle the ball and was an inconsistent shooter. He had trouble getting on the floor even when the Heat was desperate for options

    Another good signing by the brain trust of James and gilbert

    Next up 40 yo ray allen


  • Marvin

    Not buying it. These guys were not only one of the most wanted shooters on the free agency market but they’ve also stepped up in big time games and have great experience. For the paycuts these guys took, I think it’s great value. And I don’t think I saw Gilbert give away max money to a Chris Bosh, who hasn’t done anything in his career to live up to that kind of money, along with giving a guy like dwade three years. Honestly these are pretty cap friendly signings and doesn’t hurt Cleveland at all. Think you gotta check up more on your basketball if you’re comparing their free agent signings. Not a fan of Gilbert but he did just rack in the best player in the entire sport if I’m not mistaken

    • Woody

      I wouldn’t give Gilbert credit for landing James but instead thank his agents and posse who are all Ohio born and begged him. I would also thank Riley for not giving them free reign in Miami. Not how they do things there.

      As far as the money for Miller and Jones, that is the smartest thing they did. Bosh and Wade had less production because of “The Ego” but now that he is gone, I think they will do just fine. At least it will be a competitive regular season and not waiting to see who the Heat will play in the finals. The Heat will have a purpose and more drive. It was evident it was not there this year and they were all bored with being there.

      FYI: James is not even close to Jordan. Jordan could have carried his team with 40-60 ppg in the finals if he needed. James can’t and will never be able to do that. James now realizes that and is changing what his focus will be and it’s not championships.

      • Marvin

        Loving this heated argument. You’re completely drowning in stubborn thoughts if you actually think Miami is better without Lebron. At best they’ll be a 4 seed and they’ll be crying about this awful Bosh deal in a couple years too. And honestly don’t recall this being an argument about Lebron vs MJ. If it were I would argue against you until the end that Michael Jordan was and is the greatest player of all time. You cannot debate that. I don’t think anyone coming out of the east this year can beat the top team from the west. With that said, I think the signing of these guys makes the Cavs better bc idk… They can’t shoot at all. Usually in order to get better you pick up the best shooters in free agency which they’ve done. Like the moves but I’m no Cavs fan. I’ll be watching all 82 Sixers games as I have with Summer League. But I think Cavs made moves that make sense for their position, but they still don’t have the experience to get a chip in my mind

        • Woody

          Never said Miami is a better team without James but they will be better off without him. Things clearly ran around James who is great but their offense had changed the past two years and became boring and predictable because of the Lebron show (hang on, run the clock down, drive to basket). I believe that playing without Lebron will give Wade & Bosh a renewed purpose again that they did not need with James around. It was evident the Heat were completely outplayed by the Spurs, but they also appeared to have less desire to play the Lebron James show.

          I like the move of James to Cleveland because it makes the east more even and exciting to watch, even as a S. Florida transplant who converted to Heat fan 21 years ago. The media keep talking about ex-heat teammates that Lebron is getting in a way that makes them into superheros. Good acquisition for the money, perhaps, but nothing more and I think too much excitement is being put into those two who will be nothing more than benchwarmers by mid season because of their lack of defense. The only one left to get is Ray Allen who I think would be better than the other 2.

          The comparison to MJ was brought up because James is great, but he still needs major star power around him in order to win the big games. Even though MJ had great support, he was also capable of putting up 40-60 pts to carry his team on any night. I’m happy to see Lebron get a ring because I don’t think it would have or will happen in Cleveland and it certainly would not have happened without Wade & Bosh. It was evident this year when both had poor numbers and Lebron could only score in the 20′s.

          • Marvin

            Although I do agree that Michael Jordan is must better player, I don’t think the ability to put 40-60 a game is as important as you make it sound. Obviously shows a lot of talent, but in the days of the efficient player, don’t think it’s as important as it may have been to do those kinds of things. Especially with the totality of different ways Lebron can contribute to a game.. Not sure if anyone is close to this guy with his triple double ability, and I almost wish he only scored 18 a game so he could average a trip-dub. And as far as the offense was worked in Miami, not sure it was as much as of his fault as you make it seem. I think ppl saw that Erik Spoelstra got out-coached in many aspects and the fact that they didn’t run plays was another reflection of the underachieving coach. I still think Spoelstra is a nice coach but can’t put him in the same sentence as Pop. Hopefully David Blatt can show the prowess he’s been talked up to be by coaches and execs around the league. But Lebron can score 30 a game if he wanted. He had a 60 pt game this past season if you don’t remember along with an array of 40 pt games. Honestly in order for that heat team to win against great teams or even good teams, Lebron had to man up the best player all game, along with bang with the bigs, along with be the only pg on the entire team, along with essentially being the only healthy guy all year.. If you just watch his games you can see he’s does so many things that don’t show up on the stat sheet, it’s absolutely ridiculous. The guy is animal and deserves more credit. It’s ashame ppl try to compare him to MJ bc there’s a lot of great players who cannot hold up in that kind of argument. His basketball IQ is so underrated along with all that