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Washington Wizards: Free Agent Options

The Washington Wizards were not set to make a lot of noise in free agency this offseason. Most people thought they would re-sign Marcin Gortat and Trevor Ariza right off the bat and not make any other significant moves.

Now as free agency is a week old, Gortat is back with the Wizards, but Ariza is still testing the market. If in fact Ariza decides to sign elsewhere (real possibility) the Wizards will have to look for a player to fill his role through free agency.

Let’s take a look at some possible free agents options for the Wizards.

According to league sources, the Wizards also have reached out to Anthony Morrow, Marvin Williams, P.J. Tucker, Luol Deng and Danny Granger, among others.

-Michael Lee, Washington Post

Anthony Morrow

I really like Morrow as a potential player on this Wizards team. His shooting ability (career 45.1 percent 3-point shooter) would fit in beautifully with John Wall‘s drive and kick ability.

However, Morrow rarely plays minutes as a small forward and struggles defensively, something Ariza excels at. He would be a nice bench guy, but not a suitable Ariza replacement.

Marvin Williams

The 2005 No. 2 overall pick never panned out to be a superstar in the NBA, but he has turned in some solid seasons and could be a potential target for the Wizards. A career 10.8 points per game scorer, Williams had many solid years in Atlanta before struggling the past two years in Utah.

At 6-foot-9, Williams can play the 3 while also being a viable stretch 4 option. I would love to see the Wizards add that wrinkle into their system next season and Williams could be a potential fit.

P.J. Tucker

Tucker is a hard-nosed player who really gets after it on both ends of the floor. He was a player i found myself really enjoying every time I watched a Suns game last year.

He shot 41 percent on corner 3s  last season, something Wall creates plenty of. Unfortunately, Tucker is a restricted free agent so Phoenix is most likely going to match any reasonable offer he gets and the Wizards don’t (and shouldn’t) have unreasonable money to throw at him.

Luol Deng

Deng is going to be looking for $12 million-$14 million per year and the Wizards simply can’t afford that with Gortat’s new deal. So it’s not happening.

Even though Deng would fit so perfectly on the Wizards.

Danny Granger

The former All-Star in Indiana is just not who he used to be anymore. Injuries have slowed him down drastically and he can’t play a starting small forward in long stretches of time.

The Wizards should pass on him.

Caron Butler

Not feeling this option either. While Butler had a solid five seasons in Washington, making two All-Star games, the Wizards can’t go after a 34-year-old who is not a specialist.

Butler struggled both offensively and defensively in Oklahoma City at the end of this season. A few years too late on this one.

Evan Turner

Let’s do it!! Just imagine how fun it is going to be to have Turner lead the Wizards out of the Eastern Conference next season. The joke will be on everyone who didn’t believe.

Just kidding, Wizards. Please don’t get Evan Turner.

After compiling this quick list of potential free agents, I’m all in on the Trevor Ariza overpay.

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