Los Angeles Lakers: Rodrigue Beaubois Returns To The NBA

The Dallas Mavericks were once home to a talented guard by the name of Rodrigue Beaubois. Mavericks owner Mark Cuban once described him as an untouchable piece of their roster, as teams became interested in his abilities.

The Frenchman played a reserve role with the team after being acquired during the 2009 NBA Draft. The Mavericks traded for Beaubois, as he was selected with the 24th selection by the Oklahoma City Thunder. Beaubois’ scoring prowess made him a fan favorite.

His most notable performance was a career-high 40 points against the Golden State Warriors during his rookie season.

Play-making and energy were also some of the things that got Beaubois into the Mavericks rotation, and his future with them seemed bright. His ability to play both guard positions displayed his versatility, as he used speed to get to the basket and an impressive wingspan (6’9.75″)  to disrupt teams on defense.

Things began to gradually become step-backs for Beaubois after his rookie debut. At the start of the 2010 season, Beaubois suffered a broken foot that cost him to miss six months.

After recovering and getting into the Mavericks starting lineup, he sprained his foot right before the franchise’s first run to the NBA title that year. That summer, Beaubois had his option picked up by the team, and he underwent surgery for his injured foot.

Beaubois appeared in 53 games during the 2011-12 season, averaging 21.7 minutes per game.

It was a fractured right hand that dealt the final blow to Beaubois’ time with the Mavericks. The injury was another sign of his lack of durability in his four NBA years, which he has never appeared in all 82 games.

Beaubois left the NBA, and played stints in Belgium and France. After a year’s NBA absence and his injuries seemingly mended, he has been provided an opportunity by the Los Angeles Lakers, playing with their Summer League team.

His time in the NBA should prove to be useful experience against incoming rookies and some veterans. Aside from Kendall Marshall, Beaubois will be the only player on the roster with more than 100 games NBA games of experience.

Beaubois also has playoff experience, including a 16-point, 20-minute game against the San Antonio Spurs in 2010.

With a stellar performance in the Summer League, Beaubois could earn a spot on the Lakers’ pre-season roster and beyond. Some familiar names from last season, including Nick Young and Jordan Farmar, are drawing suitors in free agency.

Their possible departures could leave room for players to fill their roles, leaving room for Beaubois to get back on an NBA roster. The Lakers also have only six players on their roster, and are looking to preserve cap room with each new addition during free agency.

Beaubois will definitely be an inexpensive signing, if he can come out the Vegas Summer League healthy, and productive.

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