Detroit Pistons: Worst Draft Picks Of The Last 20 Years

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Mar 31, 2014; Auburn Hills, MI, USA; Milwaukee Bucks guard Brandon Knight (11) dribbles the ball around Detroit Pistons guard Brandon Jennings (7) during the third quarter at The Palace of Auburn Hills. Pistons won 116-111. Mandatory Credit: Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

What Can The Detroit Pistons Learn From The Past?

To say the Detroit Pistons haven’t made the most of their draft opportunities in the past couple of decades would be a hell of an understatement. Not only have they unnecessarily traded away countless picks, but they’ve also had their fair share of busts.

Between Joe Dumars and Rick Sund, the Pistons general managers of the last 20 years have made a variety of baffling or misguided decisions. Not only have they made bad decisions, but they’ve often quit on the guys they’ve drafted after a very short period of time as well.

So, with the draft around the corner, and the beginning of the Stan Van Gundy and Jeff Bower era upon us, let’s take a look at five picks that should act as cautionary tales for the new look Pistons.

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    Are you serious? Knight averaged almost 18ppg last season he is not one of the Pistons worst picks ever. It’s the pistons fault for trading him.

    • Adam McGee

      That’s exactly the point I made.

      The Knight pick is terrible because the Pistons quit on him too soon, and it’s now a virtually wasted opportunity, where whether it was Knight or Kemba Walker or Kawhi Leonard, Detroit could have had a talent to work with into the future.

      “Knight is an example of a guy who the Pistons might have quit on too soon though. In his first season in Milwaukee, Knight set career highs with his per game averages in points, rebounds, assists, steals and field goal percentage…”

      The piece was about the worst picks, not necessarily players picked, purely because the Pistons have such a habit of quitting on guys that they drafted with high value selections.