Jun 27, 2013; Brooklyn, NY, USA; New York Knicks fans cheer after Tim Hardaway Jr. (not pictured) was selected as the number twenty-four overall pick to the Knicks during the 2013 NBA Draft at the Barclays Center. Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

2014 Draft: What's In It For The New York Knicks?

We’ve been talking about what the 2014 NBA Draft holds for each team. New York Knicks, your time has come.

What’s in it for the Knicks? Nothing. No picks in the draft. (Note: They still can sign undrafted free agents.)

For perspective’s sake, here’s a list of teams with more than three picks in the 2014 NBA Draft:

  1. Philadelphia 76ers: 7(!) (two first-rounders).
  2. Milwaukee Bucks: 4 (three second-rounders).
  3. Phoenix Suns: 4 (three first-rounders).
  4. Minnesota Timberwolves: 4 (three second-rounders).

Nightmare’s not over for the Knicks. Their superstar (and most-valuable trade asset), Carmelo Anthony, is most likely opting out of his contract on June 23.

Opting out does not necessarily mean the Knicks lost him, it just means that Carmelo’s testing the market and making the Knicks match or top any offer he gets. Smart move. Leaving’s something that’s been thrown out there by the media but nobody knows for sure.

Who’s in the race of landing Melo and destroying the Knicks’ future (about three years)?

a) The Houston Rockets.

Rockets’ offer? Playing with fellow All-Stars Dwight Howard and James Harden. The Rockets would have: (1) two (three if they re-sign Chandler Parsons) of the most lethal shooters in the NBA; and, (2) Dwight Howard.

Downside? By going to the Rockets, Carmelo would be going back to the super-deep and talented Western Conference. How deep is it? The second seed in the East won six more games than the ninth-place team in the West. That’s deep.

b) The Miami Heat.

Heat’s offer? Playing for a four-time defending Eastern Conference champion. Playing with the greatest player in the world.

They’re in dire need of a reliable perimeter guy (Shooters spread the D. LeBron James attacks and draws double coverage. LeBron James hits the open man … Bang! Small-ball’s working again).

Downside? The Miami Heat would have to shed a lot of cap space to sign Carmelo. Heat’s paying upwards of $69 million next year. With $61 million being tied up in just three players (LBJ $20.5 million; Chris Bosh $20.5 million; Dwyane Wade $20 million), they’d have to convince, at least, Wade and Bosh to opt out of their current contracts and sign for considerably less money. And it’d still be a long shot.

 c) The Chicago Bulls.

Bulls’ offer? Playing with a former MVP in Derrick Rose. Playing with the Defensive Player of the Year and a force in the low-post (Joakim Noah). Getting paid.

The Bulls have talked about improving “at any cost” so they should be able (read: willing) to trade everyone except Rose to pay Carmelo.

Downside? With the Miami Heat and the Indiana Pacers on top of the East, even Carmelo might not be enough for the Bulls’ to win.

d) The New York Knicks. (JK)

Knicks’ offer? Money. The Knicks would have: (1) a starting rotation involving arguably the second most toxic player in the league in J. R. Smith; (2) and, a first-year coach.

Downside? The offer itself is the downside.

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  • philip

    you forgot the fact that the rockets and bulls would need to clear alot of cap space to make room for anthony.. .the rockets and the bulls would essentially nuke their depth to make room… lin and asik would be the causalities for houston… while the bulls would need to amnesty boozer, lose gibson, and lose butler to make room for anthony… while banking on the fact derrick rose can return to his mvp form… i just hope anthony realizes houston and chicago are illusions/mirages of championships contenders… they couldn’t mkae it out of the 1st round of the playoffs last year, if you expect to add carmelo while shedding players and expect that is gonna get u over the hump, you are dreaming… melo needs to stay patient and see what the knicks can get in exchange for shumpert and chandler… those two will be off the team next year… chanlder for lee and shumpert for a 1st round pick, and the knicks are right back in it… the spurs won the championship this year by having a solid players but most importantly, depth (and of course legendary coaching)… you cant just have the greatest player in the world and expect him to win you a championship while his teammates played like shit… jordan didn’t win his first ring until they brought pippen and phil jackson to the team.

    • Mauricio Putz

      “Illusions of Championship contenders.” Couldn’t have said it better. Nuking depth is not advised. If rumors are true and the Miami Heat want to sign Carmelo, they’d have to nuke their so-called “depth” to get him. They’d become the overwhelming favourites coming out of the East but I think OKC and San Antonio would still have a field day against Miami’s bench. I believe the Knicks are getting better sometime in the next 2 years but I don’t believe Melo at 30 is patient enough. Thank you for your comment sir.

  • Nihilus Rose

    knicks can feasibly lose melo for nothing. let’s not forget dolan this past season who refused to put melo on the trading block. now it may backfire. i don’t know what’s wrong with this dolan guy, if melo has made it clear he was going to opt out, why would you not at least try to listen to offers??????!?!?!

    • Mauricio Putz

      It’s been done before. The T-Wolves may not be willing to trade Love and they’d be looking at love leaving for nothing in 2015. Owners/GM don’t seem to get this. Except the Celtics, the Celtics have got 9 picks (6 first rounders) in the next 4 years, all this came out of the way they dealt with Pierce and KG. Than you for your comment sir.