Toronto Raptors: A Review Of 4 Draft Day Trades

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The NBA Draft is typically one of the more exciting days of the year for basketball fans.

From trades to unexpected picks, it always packs the potential of being a perfect storm for a whirlwind of player transactions. Some teams pursue opportunities to move up in the draft, while others express interest in either moving down or out of it entirely.

As of right now, the Toronto Raptors are slated to pick 20th, but what they will actually end up doing is anyone’s guess. Even though this year’s crop of players is considered to be talented and deep enough to warrant holding onto a mid first-round pick, general manager Masai Ujiri may identify an alternate route to steadily building his team into a championship contender.

Throughout the drafts in team history, the Raptors’ organization has occasionally traded picks either on the day of the draft or shortly afterwards.

Here is a look at four of those deals. All trade information is courtesy of

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