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Los Angeles Lakers: The Truth - Derek Fisher Rejects Lakers

A magician’s greatness is measured by the number of times he can throw wool over his audience’s eyes without negative repercussion. The Los Angeles Lakers might not have Magic (Johnson) running the break anymore, but there’s an enchanting effect the Lakers front office has on the masses. Simply put, most times the information that spews out of Jim Buss’ office lately is false and disingenuous.

The Lakers have a reputation to protect. They’ve already soiled the part that states you can count on them to be annual title competitors. The last ingredient of their reputation that’s still in tact (and the part that’s keeping Lakers fans draped in purple and gold) is the hopes that the front office still has the aptitude to pull of blockbuster trades and acquisitions. That’s not the world the Lakers live in anymore.

Can you blame Jim Buss and Mitch Kupchak for being so confused? Suddenly beach front property, the glam that comes with a Hollywood lifestyle, major market endorsements and the chance to play along side one of the game’s best players ever isn’t enough. It didn’t make Derek Fisher chomp at the bit, and after the Lakers have received public disinterest in players and personnel that were once considered a shoe-in, they’ve resulted to turning the tables and pointing fingers.

According to a report from Mike Bresnahan of the Los Angeles Times, the Lakers front office has dropped Fisher from their coaching search and will continue to consider more seasoned candidates such as Byron Scott, Mike Dunleavy, Kurt Rambis, Lionel Hollins and Alvin Gentry to name a few.

Usually when you smell bull excrement, there’s either a rodeo or circus nearby. The Lakers current state and ensuing effort to mask their failures has out of control circus written all over it.

It started when the “We want Phil” chants in Staples Center were extinguished. With little interest in coaching, and less interest in hopping on to a rebuilding project, Jackson took his talents to New York. Since then the Lakers haven’t been the usual talent landing strip they’ve always been.

A year ago it was an absolute certainty that Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony would wind up playing beside Kobe. Lately Melo’s list of favored destinations don’t include L.A. Kevin Love was rumored to be forcing his way off the Minnesota Timberwolves roster to get in a Lakers uniform. At the moment he’s rumored to a handful of teams, none of which are the Lakers. Don’t even get me started on the LeBron James to the Lakers rumors that are still being discussed.

And the story goes on – this time veteran guard Derek Fisher is the latest victim of the Lakers once-again trying to save face. After Knicks President (and former Lakers coach) Phil Jackson expressed interest in the soon to be 40-year-old guard gracing the sidelines of Madison Square Garden, the Lakers immediately tossed their hat in the ring.

Barely a week later, it’s been “reported” that the Lakers have dropped Fisher from their coaching search. Suspicious to say the least. It’s always best to be the one who delivers the rejection, and if things didn’t really work out that way – the next best scenario is to make it look like they did. While Derek Fisher isn’t proven on the sidelines and it’s impossible to gauge his talent for coaching, one thing is for sure; the Lakers pitched Fisher, and he rejected them – plain and simple.

It’s unclear as to whether Fisher prefers the New York Knicks coaching position over returning to the league next year as a player. Either way, for some reason he’s a hot commodity – perhaps because (Phil) Jackson created the market for his services. Even a false report from a franchise struggling to maintain its historic identity can’t lower his stock.

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  • Eazy

    Misleading title by author to get clicks. The author presents the article as a fact (via title) when it is actually something that is just in his fanboy mind. I should have know since it’s on Fansided.

    • Marcus Bass

      Thank you for reading this article. Fanboy mind??? Well I suppose coming off one of the worst seasons in Lakers history will encourage their fans to believe anything they send out to media. How dare anyone say anything different! Twitter: TheBasslineNBA

      • J Taylor

        You sound like a kid with his hand caught in the cookie jar.
        - Just accept you got busted making up a b.s. article….

        • Marcus Bass

          Well there’s nothing sweet or sugary about the Lakers situation right now… So might that cookie jar be located elsewhere????

          • disqus_zKcGlBLBvu

            Weak ass comebacks!!! BS just lost all cred.

      • Grande Latte

        whats your source for “Fisher rejected”? Pure speculation? Then you should become a rumor mill writer.

        • Marcus Bass

          What’s your reason to believe they just decided to rule Fisher out? Two sides to every story.

          • Kim Il-sung

            Yea and do you have a corroborating source to your bogus story?

          • Marcus Bass

            So I suppose Fisher being “considered” for Lakers head coach 3 days ago, and him being hired by the New York Knicks today is just some fluke coincidence. I suppose he was so mortified by the fact that the Lakers didn’t want him, that he went to sign with the Knicks… You’re right – that is bogus.

          • Marcus Bass

            How about we corroborate today’s news and just leave it there…

          • Grande Latte

            when did I say I believe that? There are tons of rumors given by “sources” and until its official, nothing is real. Your lame argument is like this – You say that the earth is flat. When someone tells you, what is the proof that the earth is flat, then you ask that person “give me the proof that its not flat”. Lame!!

        • Marcus Bass

          Well 21 hours after your comment – he signed with the Knicks… No less than three days after he was a “top Lakers candidate”… That’s kind of self explanatory for people who believe in logic.

          • Grande Latte

            still does not prove that he rejected the Lakers. To reject the Lakers, 1st he needs to be offered the job. You have proof for either of those??

  • smarter than marc

    No longer reading anything posted on this website. I hope Marcus Bass finds another way to pay his bills because this isn’t it.

    • Marcus Bass

      Well I’d think that since 24 hours after this was posted Fisher accepted a 5 year 25 million dollar deal with the Knicks, my bills should be nice and paid this month…

  • J Taylor

    What a bit of self interest and crap. – This is what happens when B-Tier hacks get to publish

    The Lakers interviewed Fisher out of courtesy and to help him raise his own stock.
    To think that he was an option or even a consideration would be foolish. Maybe as an assistant, but there is no way we would believe that the Lakers had any sort of HC considerations.

    This could be one of the worst articles I’ve read on Fansided and the site is losing credibility by the day.

    • Marcus Bass

      “The Lakers interviewed Fisher out of courtesy”… Yah I’ll just leave that one there.

    • Gerald Mark Causey

      “The Lakers interviewed Fisher out of courtesy and to help him raise his own stock.”
      Please tell us oh wise one, was it Jim or Mitch that whispered this into your ear, or are you guessing?

      • Marcus Bass

        So being that only 24 hours after this posted Fisher signed with the Knicks, I’ll encourage you to keep reading Fansided, as we’re very credible.

  • Nope Nopee

    “the Lakers pitched Fisher, and he rejected them – plain and simple.”

    Source? or are you just poorly speculating.

    • Marcus Bass

      I poorly speculated so bad that he actually agreed to become the Knicks head coach only 3 days after being a top candidate for the Lakers… I’ll let you make sense of that.

      • Nope Nopee

        Or how about the Lakers said no thanks (per actual sources), and thus Fisher’s decision was obviously simple.

        Please, don’t give me garbage responses to justify your poor execution.

        • Marcus Bass

          So with no formal meeting or interview with the Lakers… The Lakers (per which “credible” sources?) first said we’re interested and then days later said no thanks? Then blamed it on his lack of coaching experience? Well didn’t the Lakers know Fisher hadn’t coached before in the first place? If that scenario seems more plausible to you, then by all means go for it! Thanks for reading though, the difference in opinion is what makes sports awesome, I appreciate your comments!

  • Dino Madness

    Get over it people this is the Jim Buss era and incompetence is the name of the game. Why would Derek Fisher come here when he was underpaid and unappreciated when he was a Laker. Would Fisher want to start a coaching career with the incompetence that is Jim Buss bungling all over the place or would he rather be mentor by Phil Jackson the most successful coach the NBA has had. It was easy for Derek Fisher to say to the Lakers thanks but no thanks. Get use to the Lakers getting rejected because this is what’s going to happen during the Jim Buss era.

  • Marty Susman

    The Lakers think all their fans are ignorant, they think if they pretend to take their time before hiring a coach fans will think they really got a good guy…Truth is it will be either Byron or Jef.

  • wangkon936

    This article is hilarious because it is entirely based on hearsay.

    • Marcus Bass

      Well I heard merely 3 days after he was a “top coaching candidate” for the Lakers, he signed with the Knicks… But I suppose that’s just hearsay as well.