Jun 28, 2013; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Philadelphia 76ers general manager Sam Hinkie during Friday afternoon press conference at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. Mandatory Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Philadelphia 76ers: How To Move Michael Carter-Williams To Orlando

Sam Hinkie of the Philadelphia 76ers has already shown in his short stint as general manager that he will actively pursue every possible trade scenario. Jrue Holiday, a young All-Star at the time, would have been deemed untradeable by many GMs around the league. Instead, Hinkie went out and got a great deal for the former UCLA guard.

Draft night in 2014 should throw up some similar fireworks. In today’s column, I’m going to suggest a deal that I’ve seen floating around the Internet a little, but not enough for my liking. For me, it’s a deal that if the Sixers could make it, they would really put themselves in position to become the next Oklahoma City Thunder. While that may sound a little hyperbolic, having three young players like Dante Exum, Andrew Wiggins and Nerlens Noel would make for a very exciting core.

Wait … Dante Exum AND Andrew Wiggins? How would Philly go about landing that?

Sixers receive: No. 4 pick and No. 12 pick

Orlando receives: Michael Carter-Williams and No. 10 pick

The Orlando Magic are further along in their development than the Philadelphia 76ers. They are looking for their point guard of the future and if they deem Dante Exum too much of a risk and Marcus Smart’s temperament an issue, why not trade for last year’s Rookie of the Year? They also move up with their second pick and all in all it’s a move that is definitely not a “win-now” move, but one that could have the Magic challenging for the playoffs.

A MCW-Victor Oladipo backcourt could be defensively fantastic and the former Syracuse guard’s great ball handling and creative skills will take that burden from Oladipo.

For the Sixers, they get that magic word: Upside. They are in a position where they can afford to take a risk on a player like Exum. Sure, Michael Carter-Williams was fantastic last season, but you have to remember: He’s older than Kyrie Irving. He might never be that long-term All-Star that Sam Hinkie will want leading the Sixers. Exum, on the other hand, projects at being a perennial All-Star if it all comes together.

Exum is very similar to MCW in the fact he is long and his jump shot is considered slightly “questionable,” although the Aussie might have the edge of Carter-Williams because of his athleticism and the way he gets in the lane at will. His ridiculous wingspan and age (18) make the Anfernee Hardaway comparisons somewhat realistic. If Hinkie wasn’t worried about Exum’s desire to play in L.A. — which he shouldn’t be — then I’m sure he’ll be on Philly’s radar. Even if they don’t move MCW. Dealing the Rookie of the Year and best point guard would be a bold move by Sam Hinkie, but it’s one he would make if he felt it was beneficial.

To conclude, the deal is one that probably won’t happen because 1) The Sixers come out a little better off this trade and the Magic would probably like to have their guy who they have drafted and molded as opposed to a player they have already seen in the league. Sure, MCW has played well, but a guy that hasn’t played in the league is often more intriguing for general managers.

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  • Isidor Babejic

    dont make a fool outta yourself

  • Marvin

    I think the Magic would be way more interested in getting Carter-Williams, a sure thing and jumping up their other lottery pick a couple spots. Right now doesn’t look like the right thing to do as a Phildelphia fan, but Hinkie calls the shot and in him we trust. I just wonder, where’s the line of trading assets until Philly becomes an unknown destination bc of lack of loyalty from FA…

  • Phil Watson

    Shockingly enough, basketball players don’t die at 22. Some of them continue to (GASP!) develop and get better well into their 20s. And since there’s never been a team comprised entirely of teenagers to win a title, perhaps allowing a 20-something time to grow and develop wouldn’t be the craziest of notions.

  • Zeeee

    Moronic premise, idiotic article.

  • Nicole Connelly

    Why can’t the sixers give him a chance?? Magic already have thier players. My cousin will cry to death if he gets traded like I mean it was his first year and second year he will prove more, wish he can stay in philly and not head to Orlando